Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel (Seriously)

Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel (Seriously)

You’ve seen it for your self. These days, there are a gazillion exclusive ways to broadcast your thoughts online.

Blogging, podcasting, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat — the alternatives are overwhelming. Are you supposed to do they all? If no longer, which of them are maximum important? What in case you are talented in one medium and terrible in any other?

ARGH! It’s so confusing.

Well, here’s the best information:

In this put up, I’ll do my satisfactory to answer those questions. Even better, I’ll come up with answers that include taking things off your plate, not placing more matters on.

In other phrases, the whole lot is about to get an entire lot less difficult. Let’s bounce in.

Why Trying to Do Everything at Once Is a Mistake

Some influencers are doing all of it. They have a weblog, podcast, YouTube channel, a bunch of social media accounts with lots of fans — the entirety.

From the outside, it’s amazing. You may even assume that’s what you need to do in case you want to make money blogging.

But right here’s a little secret:

Behind the scenes, most of these influencers are paying complete teams of helpers. In the rare case where they are doing the whole lot themselves, it also leaves them without any time to monetize all that content, such a lot of “social media influencers” are truely broke.

The purpose why?

No one gets greater than 24 hours in a day. It doesn’t count how smart, speedy, or multi-gifted you are — you’ll in no way be able to do everything nicely.

You need to select. The question is… how?

How to Figure out What to Focus on

Thankfully, this one is easy. Just answer one query:

In what medium are you able to develop a pinnacle 1% skillset?

At first look, this could look like a odd query, but let’s damage it down.

There are 3 sorts of media: the written word, audio, and video. Chances are, you’ll be better at one than the others.

For instance, writing has usually come certainly to me. Even when I was in faculty, I should write essays 10X higher than everybody else and barely exert myself at all.

For you, perhaps it’s something exclusive.

Maybe enticing human beings along with your voice and having interesting conversations comes certainly to you. In that case, you have to start a podcast.

Or maybe you’re captivating on video. Ever since you were a kid, you’ve been a herbal entertainer.

Wherever you shine, that’s the medium you need to awareness on.

But right here’s the caveat:

Don’t just bounce in and assume to achieve success. Success with any sort of content material advertising isn’t about being appropriate. It’s approximately being among the first-class.

Here’s what I suggest:

The Staggering Difference between Being Good and Being Great

Once upon a time, I become an NFL (American soccer) junkie, and I was always intrigued by means of the pay distinction between players.

The superstar of your crew may make $20 million a 12 months. The backup to your celebrity, however, would possibly make $2 million or even less.

Was this due to the fact the star was 10X better?

Not even close. In a expert recreation, even the backup gamers are some of the first-class in the world. At great, a celebrity is probably 50% higher than his substitute.

So why do they pay him 10X greater?

Because video games are a be counted of matchups. One player being just a little bit higher than his opponent can mean the difference among triumphing and dropping. If you have got a whole group of gamers who’re only a tiny bit better, you win the Super Bowl.

You see the same factor in the Olympics. The silver medal runner might be only a fraction of a 2nd in the back of the gold medal winner.

And content material advertising and marketing works the same manner.

The rewards visit the great of the excellent. You can be an amazing creator or podcaster or YouTuber and feature mediocre or even terrible consequences.

In reality, I’ll go out on a limb and say something controversial:

If you’re now not prepared to be the various satisfactory for your area of interest, content advertising isn’t going to do something for you in any respect. You may as well cease.

Before you get too discouraged although, here’s the alternative side of the coin:

If you diligently upgrade your capabilities through the years in a medium in which you have got a few natural talent, you may almost always be some of the first-class.

Let me explain…

How I Became One of the Most Popular Writers at the Web

Over the closing decade, my work has touched over 200 million human beings — about 1 out of 8 humans inside the English-speakme international.

Crazy, right? Obviously, I should have some mystery.

But I don’t. I accompanied the precise approach I’m coaching you right here.

I diagnosed I become a naturally proficient creator, so then I spent years enhancing my writing abilities to the point of being a number of the satisfactory inside the international. After I taught myself a way to begin a blog, it took me about three years to begin to get observed and every other two years after that for humans to begin deliberating me as “the blogging man.”

During the ones years of practice, I wrote 1,000 phrases each unmarried day. In the first 12 months, I also wrote 100 headlines in keeping with day. Added to that, I spent one or hours according to day reading the work of different top bloggers, dissecting why they have been popular, and deliberately working towards incorporating their techniques into my personal paintings.

It’s the identical technique an athlete uses to grow to be an elite player in their sport. Identify natural expertise, exercise like hell, after which do your pleasant to be within the proper region at the proper time.

Content advertising is no special. It’s a recreation, and there are winners and losers.

The medium doesn’t rely. Blogging, podcasting, YouTube — the vast majority of the rewards go to the people at the top.

The query is, are you inclined to place in the work to get there?

It doesn’t usually should take three years as it did for me. I spent a whole lot of time running in circles because I didn’t have absolutely everyone to manual me. With the proper coach, you may progress plenty, much faster.

And that brings me to my maximum essential point.

The Formula for Being an Insanely Successful Person

It’s all approximately stacking top 1% skills.

Let’s say you have got some herbal skills as a creator. You invest in a few true schooling, work like hell, and regularly become a top 1% writer.

But that’s no longer the give up of the story.

Now you’re getting lots of visitors, however you’re not making tons cash, and also you recognise it’s because your advertising sucks. So once more, you invest in a few top education, work like hell, and regularly become a top 1% marketer.

Again even though, it’s not the stop of the story.

Because now, you’re making a few pretty suitable cash, however you’re operating night and day, and also you need to rent a person to help you. Problem is, you’re a horrible manager and leader, but again, you make a decision to suck it up, spend money on a few true training, work like hell, and steadily come to be a pinnacle 1% CEO.

The above story isn’t a fairytale, by way of the way. It’s the tale of the last 10 years of my existence.

And it’s certainly a quite common tale. Regardless of profession, the most a hit human beings in any field get there via stacking 1% capabilities on pinnacle of each other.

So, allow’s carry this complete circle:

When to Branch out into Podcasting or YouTube

Assuming you’re a blogger, you need to wait till you’ve mastered blogging.

Let’s take me for instance.

I’ve spent the last couple of years enhancing my talents as a CEO. It’s been a painful, slow manner, but I suppose I’m starting to “get it,” and that’s one of the reasons why the corporation is now growing quicker than it has in years.

Am I among the top 1%? Not quite, but according to those stats, I’m getting pretty close. I think it’s just a rely of time.

So, what’s next?

I’ll choose some other media and become the top 1% there. I even have some herbal skills with podcasting as nicely, in order that’s probable the subsequent ability to stack on top. On the alternative hand, I don’t think I actually have an awful lot natural talent with video, so the possibilities of me starting a YouTube channel wherein I’m the star are pretty slender.

And that’s quality. We don’t have to be super at the entirety.

The secret’s to be splendid at one thing… after which any other factor… after which any other issue.

If your first “factor” is writing, I’m your guy. We have a number of the exceptional training there’s for writers, and we’re expanding it all of the time.

But do me a prefer…

Don’t begin a podcast or YouTube channel while you’re trying to learn how to write. That’s the equal of someone training for an Olympic marathon deciding to grow to be an Olympic swimmer and skier all at the equal time.

That’s never going to manifest. Not except you’re inhuman, besides.

So, select simply one medium. Focus on it. Get truly, genuinely, genuinely high-quality at it.

And then experience the rewards of being on the pinnacle.

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