72 Clever Creative Writing Prompts (+ 6 Brainy Bonus Tips)

72 Clever Creative Writing Prompts (+ 6 Brainy Bonus Tips)

I bet you simply asked Google to search for innovative writing activates.

Or changed into it writing ideas? Short tale ideas? Or maybe author’s block?

Boy, are you stuck!

But don’t worry. It doesn’t depend in case you’re midway via writing a e-book, sweating over social media posts, or journaling about your very own life, all writers get caught for creative ideas every so often.

So, it’s awesome to have you ever here.

This is your cross-to source of story starters, writing activates, and bonus writing suggestions guaranteed to enhance your writing capabilities, power up your passion, and get your creative juices flowing in 2022.

Here’s what we’ll cowl:

Writing Prompts Q&A

seventy two Writing Prompts (Broken into Categories)

6 Bonus Tips (to Sharpen Your Writing Skills)

We’ll start with some common questions and answers…

What are Writing Prompts?

A writing prompt may be a word, an picture, or even a physical object that kick starts offevolved your imagination and motivates you to put in writing. It offers a spark of an concept as a place to begin to stimulate a herbal glide of writing.

Writing activates are perfect for any shape of writing, like fiction or nonfiction, journaling, copywriting, running a blog, or poetry. They commonly contain two components: an concept or a capacity subject matter to write about, and the commands on what you should do next.

For example, a creative writing set off for fiction writers is probably:

Your important character has a automobile twist of fate and begins to hear voices whilst within the health center. Write a short tale approximately the battle between the individual and the voices and what definitely came about at the time of the car accident.

While magazine activates tend to focus on topics of self-consciousness, such as:

Write approximately a turning point for your existence. How one-of-a-kind could matters be now in case you had made a distinctive selection at the time?

What is the Purpose of Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are like a pre-suit heat-up. They assist to relax your innovative muscle mass, unblock your imagination, and free up your mind to focus on the main recreation of writing without fear or hesitation.

Instead of losing time by thinking of a subject to jot down about, writing activates get your creative juices flowing straight away, compelling you to put pen to paper.

Writing prompts also assist you spot matters in a brand new light. They pressure you to assume outdoor your comfort quarter and use your imagination and creativity like by no means earlier than.

Without them, we can emerge as permanently sidelined with the aid of our inner critic. Or worse still, the gripping cramp of author’s block.

How Do You Use Writing Prompts?

Like all muscle-building physical activities, writing prompts are most effective while you cause them to a daily addiction. Over time, with repetition, you’ll locate your flow of writing becomes extra natural, and your capability to write down for longer strengthens.

But don’t sense you need to comply with a prompt to the letter. If the spark off shows you write approximately romance, but it sparks an idea for a poem, write a poem. Let your creativeness guide you thru the writing technique.

Here are some other hot suggestions:

Don’t overthink it. Just start writing.

Don’t edit as you cross.

If it’s no longer operating in your style of writing, move on to some other prompt. Find the prompts that make you need to write down.

The creative writing set off is a place to begin. The finish is as much as you. You don’t should write a entire story, a poem, or an essay. Feel loose to discard your paintings halfway thru and move directly to something else.

Adopt the Ernest Hemingway approach: Accept that most of what you write is in all likelihood to be crap, and you’re going to toss it. This isn’t approximately producing geared up-to-publish work on your state-of-the-art freelance writing task. It’s about the exercise of writing.

How Else Can I Improve My Creative Writing Skills?

Improving your competencies takes masses of writing exercise. And using creative writing thoughts and activates are the excellent methods to do just that. But it’s not the handiest way. Here are some different strategies you might need to discover:


This is whilst you write approximately anything that pops into your head. Take a clean page, set a timer for half-hour, and start writing. Write something your mind tells you to, and don’t worry if it’s nonsensical.

This writing exercising is super for pushing through creator’s block and permitting your mind to go off in spontaneous directions.

The Adjectives Game

List five things you like or dislike tasting, and then list 5 adjectives for every object. For instance, you may like the taste of cake. The 5 adjectives is probably: candy, gooey, yummy, nutty, and scrumptious. Now do the identical in your other senses.

This builds your sensory vocabulary and capability to put in writing with flair and color.


Write about a current incident you have been worried in, from the point of view of someone else who become concerned. Empathy is extremely important in writing and this exercising forces you to step into the footwear of any other individual and apprehend their point of view.


Writing authentic talk is notoriously hard to master, so this writing exercise will help.

Write approximately three hundred phrases of a communication among two human beings with out the use of ‘he said/she said’ tags. Show the distinction and dating among the 2 audio system best via the words they use. It’s more difficult than it sounds.


Think of a colour. Now pass for a walk or a experience at the bus and note down the entirety you notice of that shade. When you get domestic, write up what you keep in mind (take notes as you go to make it less difficult).

How many distinctive colours of the colour did you see? What did the things you noticed make you sense? Was there any connection among them?


Think of an anecdote you like to recount. Write it up in less than 500 words. Now rewrite the same story in one hundred phrases. Now in 50 phrases. And ultimately, in 25 phrases or much less, if you may acquire it.

This exercising suggests how filler words, heritage, and context can now and again get in the way of an awesome tale. It will help you select your phrases cautiously.

If you’ve were given the time and energy, right here are a few greater sporting activities to without a doubt assist flex the ones writing muscle tissue.

Now, let’s explore the ones innovative writing activates we promised you.

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72 Writing Prompts to Help You Kickstart Your Imagination

Fiction Writing Prompts

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Romance Writing Prompts

Comedy Writing Prompts

Horror Writing Prompts

Persuasive Copywriting Prompts

Poetry Writing Prompts

Journal Writing Prompts

Blog Writing Prompts

Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

Random Writing Prompts

Fiction Writing Prompts

“It became the satisfactory of instances. It changed into the worst of times.” Use this famous starting line to start your personal novel.

Rewrite your resume as a brief story, either within the first or 0.33 man or woman.

Open the dictionary to any web page and select the first word that catches your eye. Write the hole few paragraphs of a exciting, suspenseful tale using your preferred word at least three times.

Write a synopsis of your model of the film, Groundhog Day. What could your day appear like and why?

Write a brief tale using these phrases: Mountainous, parched, area mouse, time tour, and Black Forest Gateau.

Sit in a café and write a short story approximately the individual or couple at the next table. Take observe in their body language and garb, what they’re ingesting, or doing. And if you can eavesdrop, let their conversation encourage you too.

Write approximately a person who’s arrested for committing a criminal offense, but they can’t remember something about the night the crime took place. What is the crime, why can’t they do not forget and what occurs subsequent?

Fantasy Writing Prompts

If you can come again to existence as any individual, animal or aspect, what or who might you be and the way could you stay your 2nd life?

The global’s oceans dry up. Who or what survives?

You open the rest room door and locate the room’s disappeared. In its area is some other world. Describe what you spot and pay attention, and what you do next?

You’re sitting at a bar speakme to a giraffe. What’s the communication approximately?

You stay in a fantasy global wherein human beings speak with out speakme. Write about an average day in this sci-fi, fairy tale international.

You are the inventor of a popular video game. One day the principle person from your sport knocks for your the front door. What does he want?

Write approximately a character who has a superhuman power. The trouble is, they don’t want it. Write about the battle between the man or woman, his or her energy and the regular existence they are forced to guide.

Romance Writing Prompts

What is the maximum romantic season of the year and why?

 Write a story about love at the start sight. It doesn’t have to be about young people, or maybe approximately human beings.

 “Last Christmas” was a song by means of George Michael that stimulated a movie by using the same name in 2019. Think of your favored romantic song and write a movie synopsis for it.

If you’re a girl, write a quick love story approximately the maximum romantic enjoy you can consider, as a person. If you’re a guy, opposite the exercising.

The tune “Summer Nights” from Grease is ready the summer time romance between excessive college students, with their friends begging to hear greater. What reminiscence does that evoke for you about the primary time you fell in love, and who did you tell?

Next time you visit a grocery store make a word of the primary character you notice. What are they sporting, what are they buying, are they on my own? Write a description of them as the main man or woman on your next romantic novel.

Your protagonist is set to marry the man she has been in love with for years. A week earlier than the marriage she meets a stranger and falls madly and hopelessly in love. What does she do?

Comedy Writing Prompts

You are a bartender on a quiet night time, paying attention to man drown his sorrows as he tells you the way his spouse has lately left him for a neighbor. A second man enters and sits at the opposite quit of the bar. It’s the neighbor. Describe the comedy of mistakes that takes place next.

What makes you snigger out loud?

What’s the funniest funny story you already know? Write the backstory to the main person within the comic story.

What’s the funniest component that’s came about to you in actual-existence? Write it as a stand-up comedy anecdote with plenty of observational humor thrown in.

Your shopping bag rips aside, and all the contents tumble out at the feet of the female or man who lives inside the condo beneath you, who you’ve got fancied for some time. What does your shopping screen about you and why are you so embarrassed?

List posts are one of the maximum famous varieties of running a blog. Write a humorous listing put up approximately all the belongings you aren’t going to do in 2022.

Horror Writing Prompts?

Write the hole chapter to a tale that starts offevolved: “I stared at my stunning, evil wife and realized the horror had best just started.

 “Terror made me merciless” is a line from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Write about a scenario where terror would possibly make you merciless.

You’re walking domestic on my own overdue one night time when you comprehend numerous cats are stalking you. Then the streetlights exit. What occurs next?

There’s a locked door on the top of the residence you’re staying in. What’s at the back of it?

What are you simply, virtually scared of? Put yourself in that scenario and describe the way it feels.

Write a horror tale set in either a bar or a graveyard (or both). Include a blue-veined hand, a serial killer, and the phrase “all that spit and sweat.”

Persuasive Copywriting Prompts

Your exceptional pal doesn’t a good deal care for Chinese meals. Write down all of the motives why they want to rethink their opinion and be a part of you this night at your favourite Chinese restaurant.

Your mom’s usually nagging you to easy your room. Write an account of the final time she nagged you, however from her factor of view.

Have you ever seen a ghost, or sensed a ghostly presence? Write an account of your revel in knowing it will be read by way of a skeptic.

Talk the Christmas Grinch out of being a Grinch.

A man unearths a letter in a bottle while strolling at the seaside. Where has the bottle come from, how old is it, and what does the letter say? What does it compel the person to do?

Think of a cliché and write an issue towards it. Here are a few to begin you off:

Time heals all wounds

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Money is the root of all evil

Ignorance is bliss

Poetry Writing Prompts

Open the dictionary at any page and choose the first phrase that catches your eye. Set a timer for 5 mins and write a list of rhyming words. Now write a poem the use of as a lot of the ones phrases as you can.

Write a poem about rhythm. It is probably approximately track, or the go with the flow of a river, or the clattering sound of a train. Weave the rhythm you hear on your head into the tempo of your poem.

Write a poem about a feast. Describe the way it seems, smells and tastes. Use powerful imagery and include the specific sensations of spices and flavors, the texture and experience of the dishes and the way every one made you sense as you ate increasingly more.

 Write a poem about the “Thrilla in Manila.”

Journal Writing Prompts

Write about your plans for the following day and the way you desire they’ll turn out.

“It is a much, far higher issue that I do, than I even have ever finished.” This is a well-known quote approximately self-sacrifice from A Tale of Two Cities by way of Charles Dickens. Write an sincere magazine entry approximately how a ways you would be prepared to go to sacrifice your wealth, happiness, fitness, or safety for someone or principle.

Write approximately a unmarried day — both the first or ultimate of your existence.

Think about the final time you awakened at 4am, in a chilly sweat. What become in your mind and the way did you remedy it? Did you sense in a different way about it within the sunlight hours?

Write a letter to your magazine to every of your family members, telling them what your love (and/or hate) about them.

What is your private manifesto? What are the center principles and values that guide the whole lot you do in life?

Make a list of all the belongings you’d like to mention no to, after which write down the motives why you don’t — or can’t — say no. Is there a sample? Is there some thing you may trade?

Blog Writing Prompts

Write approximately the biggest project you have got confronted and how you overcame it.

Write an open letter to a person or group of humans you strongly disagree with and provide an explanation for why. Use motive now not emotion.

Write about the pleasant writing or weight loss pointers you may share.

Interview your preferred fictional character.

Describe social media to a person who has by no means heard of it before. Include recommendation on which platform might be exceptional for them.

Think of the three maximum dangerous habits you indulge in and write approximately the way you is probably in a position to interrupt those conduct.

What are the pinnacle 10 fashion tendencies you would like to peer make a comeback in 2022?

Further Reading: 255 Blog Post Ideas That’ll Tantalize Your Readers in 2022 by means of Annaliese Henwood

Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

Write approximately your views on weather alternate. Are you a believer or a skeptic? Is the arena doing enough? What data do you recognize?

Write approximately a time you had to swallow your pride and do some thing that made you uncomfortable, both morally or physically.

There is no such factor as a absolutely unselfish deed. Defend this declaration.

If you have been to write an autobiography, how wouldn’t it begin?

Random Writing Prompts

Write a delusion tale based totally on the remaining dream you had.

Write approximately your favored place and the way it makes you feel. Use all the sensory language you can muster to explain the region.

If you had been a dog, what type might you be and who could own you?

If you had the opportunity to turn back time what might you convert about the route of your life and why?

What is your favored issue to consume and what reminiscences does it evoke?

Write a list of your three maximum prized possessions (inanimate gadgets, no longer people or animals). Imagine you’re forced to discard one. Which one would it not be and provide an explanation for the motives on your preference?

Write your personal eulogy as a diary entry. What would you want humans to understand and say about you?

Write 500 phrases on what financial freedom looks like to you?

Select a book out of your bookshelf and open it to any page. Write out the last sentence of the remaining whole paragraph on that page and preserve writing.

Think of your favored e book or movie. Now rewrite the finishing to something absolutely distinctive.

If you were to buy a plane price tag these days — no price spared — wherein might you move and why?

There they’re. A compact list of seventy two creative activates. And when you’ve labored your way through those, you might want to move on to the motherlode of innovative writing prompts over at Reddit.

Reddit is a part social media platform, element network, element media curator, with 520 million month-to-month site visitors subscribing to message boards across 1.2 million sub-classes. Phew!

One of those subcategories is Writing Prompts, with over 14 million subscribers who’ve posted years’ well worth of prompts, so that you’ll by no means run out of thought once more.

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6 Bonus Writing Tips to Power Up Your Passion and Sharpen Your Skills

Before we let you pass…

If you’re searching out innovative writing prompts or story thoughts, there’s an first rate risk you’re searching out other ways to hone your abilities and enhance your craft.

Here are 6 bonus writing recommendations to help you to your adventure:

1. Make Time to Write

If you’re no longer setting apart time to put in writing, you could as well ignore every different piece of recommendation in this submit. Make your writing time sacred and block it off on your calendar. Turn off your phone. Disconnect the net, near your door, and write.

This is the unmarried high-quality aspect you could do if you want to be a author.

2. Set Writing Goals

We set dreams for the entirety in our life: losing weight, saving for a dream holiday, developing our commercial enterprise, and so on. So, do the identical to your writing. Measure your development.

Start with, say, a 300 or 500 phrase be counted in a daily consultation. Once you continuously reach this intention with ease, up the ante and shoot for greater hard targets. 1,000 phrases a session; 25,000 phrases a month, and so on. But make sure your goals are not overwhelming.

Writing desires will assist you write quicker and with more self belief. Over time you will understand when you are most effective and may use this in your benefit.

Three. Pack Your Writing with a Powerful Punch

Fill your writing with ardour from an arsenal of power words. Or supercharge your reader’s creativeness with a nicely-aimed metaphor.

Use these two writing devices to turbocharge your prose and watch the phrases burst off the page with intention.

4. Harness the Power of Grammar

Grammar reduces confusion and brings clarity and self belief for your writing. It’s an excellent issue and you want to analyze the rules.

But grammar can on occasion get inside the manner of creativity and turn fluid prose right into a turgid swamp of clunky awkwardness.

If you need to disregard your grammar checker and begin a sentence with a conjunction that feels right, go for it. If you want to brazenly break up an infinitive to keep away from mangling a sentence, cut up away.

So, learn the grammar guidelines, however then learn the way to break them. Effectively.

5. Copy Your Writing Heroes — Literally

Pick a creator you’ve always sought after, whether it’s a New York Times nice-selling author or an influencer in your blogging area of interest.

Now, placed pen to paper and rewrite precisely what they wrote through hand. Don’t assume too tough approximately it. Just go together with it.

As you write out their words, you’ll soak up their writing style, their pace and rhythm, their grammar, their word choice, and their sentence shape.

This is one of the most effective methods to sharpen your writing abilties and inspire your personal writing voice.

6. Read Your Way to Writing Stardom

Every fantastic creator is a great reader. There are not any exceptions.

Read daily.

Read fiction and biographies, or examine books, blogs and articles. But read in an lively manner. Stay alert to what grabs your attention and how the writer has crafted his words. Then consciously follow the satisfactory strategies on your very own writing technique.

A Final Word on Writing Prompts

The purpose of a writing prompt is to kickstart your creativity and spur you into writing some thing… some thing.

Initially, the technique may additionally seem a touch intimidating. But that’s OK. Most writers draw a blank after they first start with writing prompts.

Keep pushing through, because something interesting will begin to manifest.

The extra you exercise using the prompts in this put up, the more your creative juices will flow, and the greater phrases and thoughts will start pouring out of you.

So, allow your self move. Abandon yourself to the electricity of writing activates and permit the magic happen.

Happy writing!

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