How to Find Your Passion, Discover Your Strengths, and Rule the World

How to Find Your Passion, Discover Your Strengths, and Rule the World

Our boss cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, but I even have a few bad information.”

She paused, looking down on the stack of papers she became shuffling in her arms. She appeared returned up at us. She started out to mention something after which stopped, searching backpedal on the papers.

That’s when we knew we had misplaced our jobs.

Newly married and with payments to pay, I was scared.

“What am I going to do? How am I going to tell my spouse?”

Hands shaking, I picked up the smartphone.

“Hi sweetie!” my wife responded, excited however amazed to pay attention from me. “Is the entirety ok?”

“Tell her there’s nothing to worry approximately,” I said to myself.

“Tell her we’ll be excellent. Tell her I’ve were given this. Tell her…”

“No,” I ultimately replied after a protracted pause.

“But it’ll be.”

Success Stories are Often Preceded by way of Tales of Woe

Before he became the finest basketball participant of all time, Michael Jordan was a high school sophomore licking his wounds after getting cut from the college team.

Before he have become a millionaire CEO, Jon Morrow turned into getting better from a terrible vehicle twist of fate and wondering what he was going to do along with his life.

And before I have become the Editor-in-Chief at Smart Blogger, pleasant my dream of writing complete-time so I could work from home and spend extra time with my family, I changed into just a boy…

…standing in front of a female…

…asking her for guidelines to the unemployment workplace.

Life hardly ever takes the route we assume it’ll take. All too frequently, it sends us on detours full of potholes, road production, and pedestrians who refuse to apply crosswalks.

But right here’s the element:Some of lifestyles’s greatest opportunities are in the detours.Click To Tweet

Getting reduce from the college team made Michael Jordan paintings tougher. Jon’s twist of fate afforded him loose time to examine the whole lot there was to recognize approximately running a blog. My unemployment led me here.

If I hadn’t misplaced my full-time process, I wouldn’t have leaned on freelance writing to make ends meet.

Knowing random baseball trivia wasn’t a payable skill. Neither became incomes an earnings as a male version, irrespective of how devilishly good-looking my spouse says I am.

I turned to writing, a hobby I dabbled in from time to time on the facet, out of desperation. And, to my wonder, I observed — now not simply my real passion, but — the issue God put me in this earth to do.

Of course, my tale isn’t unusual. The paths humans take to find their passion and find out their strengths have a tendency to have precise twists and turns.

The right information?

If you’ve but to find your passion or strengths, understanding the journeys taken by others assist you to discover your own way.

How thirteen Influencers Discovered Their Strengths (+ Lessons Learned to Help You Find Your Passion)

Over the ultimate numerous years, I’ve reached out to a success people I recognize and asked them easy questions:

How did you discover your strengths? How are you the usage of those strengths to pursue your passion?

Some (I’m searching at you, Weird Al) in no way were given again to me. But many did.

Here’s how they responded (and the way you may use their stories to discover your very own strengths and passions):

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

It supposed living in a rustic in which I didn’t speak the language; leaping out of a plane (with a parachute!); speaking in front of masses of people, and greater.

Every time I do something that expands my non-public consolation boundaries, I discover some strength I didn’t know I had.

It seems I am greater than capable of getting to know a brand new language. And facing my worry by leaping out of a aircraft was amusing! And human beings revel in my presentations once I talk.

If I’d by no means made myself try the ones things, I wouldn’t have located those strengths.

[On using strengths to find your passion]

It’s funny, extra than the use of my strengths to pursue my passions, I assume I’ve used that experience of “just move for it!” to pursue my passions.

The “not anything ventured, not anything won” method has served me properly each in my personal lifestyles and in my commercial enterprise lifestyles.

That’s why I’m continually pointing people closer to taking motion. At a few factor, you need to take everything you’ve found out and step out and practice it.

Go in advance — leap out of that aircraft. There’s a beautiful view at the way down.

— Pamela Wilson

Founder of Big Brand System

The Lesson

No one likes to be uncomfortable.

But, if you force your self to be uncomfortable on occasion, you’ll locate you’re capable of extra than you may’ve ever imagined.

Tweetable TakeawayEvery time I do some thing that expands my private consolation boundaries, I discover a few power I didn’t recognize I had.Click To Tweet

Just Do It

powerful quote: ‘If you want to be…do.’ – Unknown.

I desired to be a Podcaster, so I simply had to Podcast. As I podcasted my way to the now over one thousand+ episodes of EOFire, I exposed strengths I didn’t even recognise I possessed, and it all stemmed from DOING.

— John Lee Dumas

Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire

The Lesson

Want to recognise a surefire manner to never locate your ardour or discover your strengths?

Do a whole lot of jack and squat.

Tweetable TakeawayI found my strengths from the easy but powerful quote: ‘If you need to be…do.’Click To Tweet

Know Your Limits

It’s nearly like experimentation…

[On using strengths to find your passion]

Whatever you’re obsessed with, you want to apply your strengths to move you forward. No one is a jack of all trades, so attention on using your strengths that will help you accomplish your desires. As for what you aren’t top at, discover other human beings to help you out in the ones areas.

— Neil Patel

Co-founding father of Neil Patel Digital

The Lesson

Knowing your strengths is terrific, however understanding your weaknesses is similarly important.

Those things you suck at (anything they might be)? It’s k to invite a pal (or find someone on Google or LinkedIn) to deal with them.

Tweetable TakeawayNo one is a jack of all trades, so awareness on the usage of your strengths to help you accomplish your desires.Click To Tweet

Be Willing to Look Stupid

I think that’s the largest part of coming across what you do high-quality: the willingness to appearance stupid. If you strive 100 different things, you’ll suck at 95 of them, and you have to be willing to position up with the screw ups until you locate the areas in which you are virtually talented.

Personally, I found out I was a proficient writer in reality early. I become studying books and writing tales earlier than I even got to kindergarten. For me, it changed into as natural as breathing. I can’t consider suffering with it.

I think every person has some thing like that. You just need to keep trying new things till you discover it.

— Jon Morrow

CEO of Smart Blogger

The Lesson

A byproduct of discovering the regions where you excel is coming across, thru every now and then embarrassing mishaps, the stuff you’re terrible at.

If you may power thru the stumbles, you’ll subsequently get to enjoy the successes.

Tweetable TakeawayI suppose that’s the biggest part of coming across what you do first-rate: the willingness to look stupid.Click To Tweet

Do What You Love

When I think of strengths, I think of things that supply me power, don’t take it. So I am continuously searching at what I’m doing and asking, “Is this a laugh? Does it energize me?” If no longer, how can I turn this into some thing this is a laugh and energizing or flow on to some thing else.

We best have so much time on this planet, so we might as nicely spend it doing things that are well worth our time. For me, doing what I love (even on days when it’s difficult) is something I must make room for.

— Jeff Goins

Best-promoting writer of Real Artists Don’t Starve

The Lesson

Oftentimes, the fastest manner to discover your strengths is to ask yourself a simple question:

“What do I experience?”

True, there are no guarantees you’ll have a herbal talent related to your passion. I’ve met many a baseball enthusiast who couldn’t hit their manner out of a wet paper sack.

But if you love something, if it energizes you, there’s a reason. And, sometimes, that motive is you’re good at it — even if you’re blissfully unaware of this fact.

Tweetable TakeawayWhen I think of strengths, I assume of things that give me strength, don’t take it. So I am continuously searching at what I’m doing and asking: Is this fun? Does it energize me?Click To Tweet

Listen and Learn

I have observed my strengths thru sort of means. Sometimes it became only a gentle nudge from a person else telling me that I become excellent at something. At different times, it turned into from my quarterly reviews of what went well and what didn’t.

— Syed Balkhi

CEO of Awesome Motive

The Lesson

If a person will pay you a compliment, don’t count on it’s empty flattery. They may see a energy in you which you’ve to discover approximately yourself.

Tweetable TakeawayI have observed my strengths thru style of method. Sometimes it changed into just a gentle nudge from someone else telling me that I became right at something.Click To Tweet

Try New Things

[On using strengths to find your passion]

Honestly, my strengths and my passions are by and large intertwined. For example, I love writing. I can’t no longer write. I constantly say that in case you have been to go away me on a desolate tract island with nothing, I’d discover a stick and write my thoughts inside the dirt. I simply can’t assist myself.

I also love encouraging and cheerleading other people. So one of the ways I use my writing is to task and champion girls to be the high-quality variations of themselves that they may be. It’s the proper mesh of each my strengths and passions.

— Crystal Paine

Founder of Money Saving Mom

The Lesson

Want to discover your strengths? Want to discover your passion? You need to be inclined to try new things.

Your comfort zone may be excellent and cozy, however if you never branch out, you’re never going to grow.

Tweetable TakeawayI discovered my strengths with the aid of attempting new matters (and) stepping out of doors my consolation zone.Click To Tweet

Wear Many Hats

When I created StudioPress, I changed into wearing many hats, so I needed to run all aspects of the commercial enterprise. Through that enjoy I become able to decide the areas I enjoyed, and regions that I suppose I turned into robust in.

— Brian Gardner

Founder of StudioPress and Minimologie

The Lesson

Finding your strengths can be a numbers recreation. The extra matters you’re taking possession of, the quicker you’ll discover the things you experience and — even higher — the areas wherein you excel.

Tweetable TakeawayWhen I created StudioPress, I became wearing many hats, so I needed to run all sides of the business. Through that enjoy I become capable of determine the areas I enjoyed, and regions that I assume I turned into robust in.Click To Tweet

Remember This Isn’t a Quest

I suppose coming across strengths isn’t sincerely a lot a selected quest we adopt: “Today, I’ve determined to discover whether or not I’m extraordinary or horrible at gambling billiards.”

I think people discover their energy more by means of task an activity out of fun, hobby, curiosity, want or responsibility, and then realizing after the fact that, hello, they have got a knack for it.

For instance, I didn’t comprehend writing became one in every of my strengths till I’d written several portions. I didn’t realize determination become one in all my strengths till years of perseverance proved it so. I didn’t realize brief wit turned into a electricity until… you get the photograph!

[On how to follow your passion]

It’s greater than just the usage of your strengths, in reality. You can recognise your strengths, and apply them in your pursuits, however you furthermore mght need to be privy to your abilities and hobby tiers of stated strengths.

It’s like this: I’m strong in math skills, but I don’t like math much, and it doesn’t clearly interest me — so obviously, it makes more feel to delegate variety-crunching to my accountant.

That sort of self-focus is a vital detail of a hit entrepreneurship, and that’s why with every project I undertake, I don’t ask whether it falls within my strengths; I ask whether or not I’m the proper individual, or whether or not a person else might be better suited to the venture.

— James Chartrand

Owner of Men With Pens

The Lesson

People not often locate their strengths on purpose. Usually, it’s a happy twist of fate.

Live your existence, choose a profession direction, and reflect to your adventure now and again. Inevitably, you’ll discover you picked up a power or two alongside the way.

Tweetable TakeawayI assume humans locate their energy more by way of task an hobby out of fun, interest, interest, need or responsibility, and then knowing after the fact that, good day, they’ve a knack for it.Click To Tweet

Challenge Yourself

It seems apparent to me now, however I only observed this about myself in my mid-20s.

Although, searching back, I can see the signs and symptoms – I dismantled my Dad’s VCR once I changed into 3-4 years antique to try and parent out how it worked.

I taught myself to construct web sites the usage of Dreamweaver once I changed into 12 and launched an online document label once I turned into in university.

When did I find out my energy exactly?

In 2012, I landed a activity at a advertising agency based totally on my revel in of building niche websites.

For motives I didn’t apprehend on the time, I became put in charge of developing processes & systems for a brand new provider offering.

I turned into the guinea pig. The canary within the coal mine.

I needed to determine out whether or not the provider could provide an ROI for the purchaser, whether or not it turned into worthwhile, how our crew might put into effect it, and the tech stack that would energy it.

Feeling like I became in over my head? That might be an underestimation.

But I persisted and were given the job completed. So properly, that I have become the cross-to character for fixing advertising-associated demanding situations.

And eventually it hit me. Jason, my boss, discovered what my power changed into again when he first interviewed me.

Here’s the aspect:

Progress isn’t clean and private improvement doesn’t magically take place. The strain changed into real and there were moments once I did sense like pulling my hair out whilst dealing with nightmare clients.

Sure, there had been moments wherein I felt like throwing within the towel but I driven through and I’m satisfied I did. After all, we don’t recognise what we’re able to till we’re challenged.

— Adam Connell

Founder of Blogging Wizard

The Lesson

One of the pleasant methods to discover what you’re manufactured from is to use a touch pressure.

Will you sink?

Or will you discover a power you never knew was inside of you?

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Face the Roadblocks Head On

1) Knowing what intention I need to attain;

2) Then accepting each roadblock as a non-public task & opportunity to advantage enjoy.

No actual increase comes with out competition.

Sadly, humans desperately try to keep away from what’s uncomfortable.

But what might you do in case you knew you could not fail?

That’s wherein my personal angle differs from most:

What others name ‘failure’, I name “achievement in motion.”

[On using strengths to find your passion]

I locate it a little ironic (and additionally funny) that every talent advanced for the duration of my hardest challenges in existence became important to accomplishing my successes nowadays.

Being pressured to learn podcasting & enhancing competencies to create Wanted Hero suggests for readers allowed me to earn $12K an afternoon for a organization disgruntled with their present day media business enterprise.

Having to learn numerous net skills to build my Wanted Hero sites helped me stable dozens of jobs, which include a high-paying annual agreement requiring handiest 90 mins of my time in keeping with month.

The best end result of all?

Welcoming competition in my lifestyles has provided the skill set to write, submit and sell my fantasy creations to the arena.

— Jaime Buckley

Author, father of thirteen, and creator of Wanted Hero World

The Lesson

Not every roadblock need to be averted. Some offer precious existence reviews that’ll assist you develop, figure matters out, and, sure, find out your strengths.


When you hustle, when you positioned inside the tough paintings, new activity opportunities have a manner of providing themselves to you.

Tweetable TakeawayNo actual growth comes without opposition. Sadly, people desperately try and avoid what’s uncomfortable. But what would you do in case you knew you couldn’t fail?Click To Tweet

Take Advantage of Opportunities

I used to assume I wasn’t innovative, and I truly didn’t have a expertise for writing, but years in the past I turned into running in corporate advertising and top content have become key to my task. No one else wanted to write weblog posts, so by some means I ended up writing our company weblog. Surprisingly, I loved it.

After taking Jon Morrow’s guest running a blog direction in 2011, I got published on Copyblogger and KISSmetrics and I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t so horrific at writing. I have become braver at trying out new matters, and found out I had a knack for coaching and training. Who might have notion that I’d create a commercial enterprise to teach human beings a way to write better!

— Henneke Duistermaat

Founder of Enchanting Marketing

The Lesson

When process possibilities gift themselves, take them. You never understand while life is setting you on a direction of self-discovery.

Tweetable TakeawayLuck played a massive position in finding out my strengths, and I learned that my strengths were quite specific from what I’d always thought about myself.Click To Tweet

Keep it Simple (Just Take a Test)

We these days had anyone within the business enterprise take the test after which positioned them on a grid so we understood absolutely everyone’s middle strengths. It was very insightful.

— Michael A. Stelzner

Founder of Social Media Examiner

The Lesson

Short on time or like to keep matters simple?

StrengthsFinder 2.Zero from Gallup is a strengths test that’ll help your find out your precise skills and greatest strengths.

Or, if you’re a reader, check out Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton’s Now, Discover Your Strengths (affiliate hyperlink).

Tweetable TakeawayI rely on the Strengths Finder test to locate my strengths.Click To Tweet

Ready to Find Your Strengths and Pursue Your Passion?

We all have strengths.

That’s why it’s disheartening to see so many that are struggling.

It’s regularly now not for lack of talent. And it’s (commonly) now not for loss of choice. It’s because they aren’t leveraging their strengths to their full potential.

Or, worse: they’ve but to find out them.

But how do you locate your strengths? And how are you going to cultivate them so that you can pursue your passions?

After all, that’s the dream, right?

A career change…

Quitting your day job and touchdown your dream job…

Getting the proper job offer from the right company that’ll can help you strike the best work-lifestyles stability…

Doing what you’re captivated with…

It can show up. All of it.

You simply want to look for opportunities inside the detours. Try new things. Challenge your self. Change your lifestyles. Be willing to make errors.

The insights shared above are supposed to encourage you and help you find out your personal course.

So go locate your strengths. Use them to pursue your passions.

Rule the freakin’ world.

Are you equipped?

Then let’s do this element.

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