How to Create a Swipe File (Everything You Need to Know)

How to Create a Swipe File (Everything You Need to Know)

Brian Kurtz once wrote, “you can’t beat a swipe file for deep perception and concept.”

It’s little surprise then why writers, bloggers, copywriters, students, and creatives from all fields use swipe documents to first-class-tune their writing talents and brainstorm clean thoughts.

But what’s a swipe record besides?

How can it improve your writing?

And how on earth do you create one?

Let’s dive in and find out…

What is a Swipe File?

A swipe document is a collection of writing examples — e-mail subject strains, landing pages, sales pages, banner ads, breathtaking weblog or social media posts, headlines, and so forth. — that can be used to inspire your writing and improve your abilities.

The idea of the swipe record originated within the copywriting world.

Back within the day, true copywriters amassed clippings with marketing techniques like sales letters, headlines, and print ads that had worked properly in the beyond and placed them internal a bodily folder. When these writers needed to create a new piece of content material, swipe documents gave them something to lean on.

But a swipe file isn’t only for the fast-witted copywriter anymore.

It’s a extraordinary tool every creator have to have in their toolbelt, whether or not they’re a:

Savvy pupil pumping out essays

A cunning content material marketer cautiously shaping a advertising campaign

Or a fiery freelancer writing assignments for customers

The backside line: If you’re a author, artist, or some other kind of creative, your swipe document is like having an inspiration cheatsheet.

What a Swipe File is NOT

We’re no longer speaking approximately copying. You by no means take any individual else’s phrases and placed them into your writing. That’s plagiarism.

What we’re speakme approximately is analyzing excellent writing and coming across the underlying precept — the hidden technique behind it. It saves you time, and the output is nearly constantly better.

Sure, you may create something truely unique and hope it’s going to click. But, as Charlie Munger said:

“I believe in the field of gaining knowledge of the nice that other humans have ever discovered. I don’t agree with in just sitting down and trying to dream all of it up your self. Nobody’s that clever.”

Cultivating a swipe record is like taking private training from your writing heroes. And you don’t have to pay for it.

Just dedicate some time and be diligent.

How Can Swipe Files Improve Your Writing?

The internet is packed with extraordinary fees, hints, and tricks for improving your writing capabilities. But it’s the most effective piece of advice that’s regularly unnoticed by using writers:


Deliberate practice quickens your studying and makes your progress seen.

And that’s in which swipe files shine.

When your high-quality examples are amassed in a swipe report, you may without difficulty get entry to and examine them (greater on that in a moment).

The end result?

You learn how to domesticate your logo, voice, and precise style.

Writer’s block will become a thing of the past.

You complement the theoretical with arms-on education. Books on writing can help you comprehend writing strategies, but analyzing a success content “inside the wild” permits you to look how others have placed those techniques into practice.

You shorten your writing process, which lets in you to write down quicker and be greater productive (translation: earn the massive bucks writing, faster.)

The list is going on and on.

What are Some Swipe File Examples?

In a second, we’re going to examine some specific examples of swipe documents. But before we do, a brief observe:

When smart writers gather examples for their swipe record, they observe and examine them earlier than submitting them away. They try and exercise session what methods and techniques were used to write down the piece of content material they’re swiping.

This is what we can do in each of the following swipe file examples. We’re going to ask: “Why does this paintings? Why is it a super instance?”

By answering these types of questions, we’ll be higher able to observe their techniques in our personal writing later.

Headline Swipe File Examples

A ready-made headline formula can be a first rate assist whilst you need to write headlines. But reading and know-how how a awesome headline is created may be an eye fixed-opening experience, empowering you with the talent to create your personal headlines.

When studying a headline, try and recognize what it’s doing to seize your interest. What’s in it that makes you curious?

Let’s take a look at 3 examples:

Swipe-Worthy Headline #1

6 SEO Mistakes That’ll Make Google Hate You Forever

This headline from Jon Morrow is an example of a “risk” headline, that’s a type of headline that implies you’ll avoid some form of pain via reading it.

Why does it work?

It awakens anxiety. You could write some thing like “6 Proven search engine marketing Tactics”, but the dose of uneasiness the headline reasons gives it a better hazard of being clicked.

Power phrases. The use of strength phrases like “mistakes”, “hate”, and “all the time” make the headline stand out.

Number psychology. Numbers in headlines make human beings greater vulnerable to click. It’s scientifically confirmed.

For reference, right here are some more “hazard” headline examples:

298 Filler Words That Rob Your Writing of Its Power

Why You’ll Never Reach Your Writing Goals in 2022 (Unless…)

5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep Writers Penniless and Mired in Mediocrity

Swipe-Worthy Headline #2

How to Create a Writing Portfolio That’ll Wow Potential Clients

On the alternative end of the spectrum, there are “advantage headlines,” which entice readers in with the promise of a advantage.

In this case, Smart Blogger’s editor created a headline promising readers the fine details of crafting a portfolio that wins clients.

Why does this headline work?

Its advantage is clear. Want to know the way to create a writing portfolio that works like magic? Click the headline and find out.

Proven formulation. “How-to” headlines are attempted and authentic. Readers realize exactly what to anticipate: a step-via-step blueprint for creating a writing portfolio.

As in the sooner example, this headline captivates the reader by means of using electricity phrases.

Here are some more “benefit headline” examples:

How to Become a Freelance Writer, Starting from Scratch

57 Metaphor Examples That’ll Pack Your Prose With Persuasion

55+ Literary Devices & Techniques That’ll Elevate Your Writing

16 Content Marketing Tools You Can Use To Blow Up Sales In 2022

How To Write A Blog Post: The Ultimate Guide

Swipe-Worthy Headline #3

Why It’s Good to Be in a Crowded Niche (Seriously)

The ultimate type of headline we’ll speak is one that takes a contrarian view on a subject. In the example above, Jon’s headline tackles the perception that it’s excellent to pick out a gap with little-to-no competition.

Why does it paintings?

It’s controversial. A commonplace notion held by means of many is you should avoid saturated niches. Both supporters and combatants of this view are probably to click.

There’s a hidden advantage. The headline implies you’ll discover ways to pick an amazing area of interest for your self.

It makes use of CTR (click on thru fee) boosters. The parentheses make the headline even extra clickable.

Here are some different headlines that project conventional understanding:

The “Content is King” Myth Debunked

Why the Story of the Starving Artist Needs to Die

Why I’m Spending a Fortune on Facebook Ads During Coronavirus

Editor’s Note: To study greater styles of headlines you could write yourself or upload to your swipe report, check out 10 Ways to Exploit Human Nature and Write Amazingly Appealing Headlines.

Email Swipe File Examples

Now let’s take a look at a few electronic mail swipe report examples (and why they’re swipable).

Up first is an email from Carol Tice:

Swipe-Worthy Email #1

Why is this an excellent electronic mail?

It has a clear purpose. The reader knows the purpose of this electronic mail is to encourage them to examine a blog put up.

Shows why the reader must care. There’s a promise the reader will discover ways to improve their copywriting abilities.

Addresses the reader’s hesitation. The reader is probably afraid that going via the post will take too much time. But the email states that there are only 6 steps. Seems smooth, proper?

Short and to the point. There’s no fluff. The content material of the email is bare bones. The author, Carol, indicates she appreciates the reader’s time and gives simplest the most important statistics.

Next is an electronic mail from Steli Efti of Close CRM:

Swipe-Worthy Email #2

Why is this a swipe-worth electronic mail?

The aim of the email is clear. Steli is encouraging the reader to download a loose toolkit.

Gives a motive to care. The electronic mail in brief, however surely, explains the benefits of the aid.

Promises to keep the reader time. By compiling several procedures from numerous one of a kind teams, the email implies the difficult paintings has already been achieved for the reader.

Our very last example comes from Henneke of Enchanting Marketing:

Swipe-Worthy Email #3

Why is this a great e mail?

Clear purpose. The reader recognizes fast that it’s an invitation to study a blog publish.

Stirs a little controversy. By announcing there’s a trouble with a chunk of not unusual advice, Henneke makes the reader even extra curious approximately the put up.

Easy-to-recognize benefit. What author doesn’t want to discover ways to captivate their target market?

Promises simplicity. The promise that the guidelines are “fantastically simple” (and there’s no talking approximately grammar) sweeps the reader’s hesitation away.

Save right email examples like these to your swipe report. Whenever one reveals its way into your inbox, record it away.

Okay, so we’ve answered the basic questions about swipe files. We’ve even given you numerous first rate examples of headlines and emails (and explained why they have been really worth swiping).

Now for the massive question…

How Do You Create a Swipe File?

Obviously, having a physical swipe record like copywriters from many years in the past isn’t sensible.

You want some thing in a digital form — and preferably something you may get right of entry to from all your devices, no longer just for your laptop or desktop.

Here are 5 equipment you may use to create your swipe report:

1. Pinterest

You may think Pinterest is most effective appropriate for accumulating pictures, infographics, and charges, however it’s additionally brilliant for articles and blog posts. If it has a URL, you could “pin” it.

You can create several forums, and you can add several sections to each board. It’s best for swipe documents. Plus, it’s unfastened to apply.

2. Trello

Mainly acknowledged for its assignment management and Agile/Scrum/Kanban pleasant functions, Trello could be very bendy.

Think of it like a digital corkboard where you can pin specific lists. Each list can encompass diverse cards with screenshots, snap shots, and attachments from more than one assets.

Trello is loose, however it also has commercial enterprise plans for superior users.

3. Evernote

Possibly the maximum well-known device for swipe files, Evernote lets in you to create notebooks or maybe collections of notebooks known as “stacks.”

Each notebook works as a ring binder; in it, you could accumulate notes in the shape of clipped web pages, articles, and images.

Evernote’s primary plan is unfastened. Their top class plan is $7.Ninety nine/month.

Four. Pocket

Pocket lets in you to shop photos, motion pictures, articles, weblog posts and extra. Using tags, you can organize content material of your Pocket into one of a kind classes.

Its free account will cover most each creator’s needs, but if you want to “cross premium” it’s $four.99/month.

5. Gmail

Yep, Gmail. You can create a separate Gmail account (it’s free) and use it to store interesting newsletters, income reproduction, electronic mail marketing emails, and so on. As an brought bonus, having a separate Gmail account will help you avoid messing up your day by day, personal inbox.

Any of these tools can work, but relying in your preferences and needs, you may select some equipment over others.

To walk you via an instance, we’ll create a swipe document using Pocket.

How to Create a Swipe File Using Pocket

To create your Pocket account, go to getpocket.Com and join up:

Next, download the Pocket extension for your chosen browser. Pocket gives extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. If you use Firefox, Pocket is built right in.

(You can also download Pocket’s mobile app for Apple, Android, and Amazon, so you can add to your swipe file while on the pass.)

Then, on every occasion you stumble upon a swipe worthy piece of content material, click on on the Pocket button to store it to your list.

A little window will pop up, permitting you to add a tag (Example: “establishing”) to the content material:

Now, allow’s say you’re writing a new article.

You feel caught and don’t recognize how to write the opening. All you have to do is go to your Pocket and pick “commencing” from your listing of tags. All the articles you classified “commencing” will display up.

Read them, analyze, and locate thought.

With Pocket, you could highlight elements of the thing which are maximum applicable on your swipe file. You also can proportion objects with a chum.

Pocket integrates with over 500 apps which include Twitter, Buffer, Facebook, and Flipboard. So whilst you discover something that’s well worth swiping on whatever social media platform you’re cruising via, you can resultseasily shop it to Pocket. No-fuss.

All your content can be saved for offline use, so you can get right of entry to stored gadgets while you travel.

And the first-class aspect? As referred to earlier, it’s absolutely unfastened. Pocket does have a top rate model, but for the motive of making a swipe report, the free account might be more than enough.

The only capability hassle with the use of Pocket in your swipe report is its loss of e mail help. You can send a link through “e-mail to Pocket” and it’ll be saved for your listing, however you can not shop the content of an electronic mail to Pocket.

So, if saving the contents of an e-mail is a deal-breaker for you, strive Evernote. Email forwarding is covered as one among its top class capabilities ($7.99/month).

What Else Can I Swipe?

Honestly? Anything:

Parts of a blog post (openings, closings, subheads);

Pieces of content demonstrating canny use of electricity phrases, sensory phrases, transitional terms, or bullet factors;

Graphics or pix;


Statistics and research;


Great replica you see in a punchy a pop-up, or a persuasive Facebook ad, sales web page, landing web page, or homepage;

Pieces of content material using a copywriting components like AIDA, FAB, or PAS;

Excerpts demonstrating extremely good storytelling competencies.

In different words:

If it evokes your writing, add it to your swipe record.

Let Your Swipe File be Your Gold Mine

Creativity is often fallacious for being haunted via a mythical muse. People believe the lucky (and most creative) ones are just being visited greater often.

But in reality, creativity has a good deal extra to do with organising top behavior like writing each day, practicing your modifying talents, and gathering and analyzing examples of exact writing.

So, select one of the equipment we noted. Start saving things that encourage you.

And the subsequent time you hit a creative barrier, don’t panic. Just open your swipe document.

It’ll assist you smoothly reduce proper thru it.

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