How the Medium Partner Program Can Make You Rich

How the Medium Partner Program Can Make You Rich

How the Medium Partner Program Can Make You Rich

Some writers are incomes thousands in passive earnings each month with the Medium Partner Program.

Why no longer you too?

Whether you’re looking to write complete-time, or you simply need a further writing gig on the aspect, this post will teach you everything you need to get started out with the Medium Partner Program.

Let’s get commenced with a quick review…

What is Medium?

Launched in 2012 with the aid of Ev Williams, co-founding father of Twitter and Blogger, Medium is an advert-loose blogging and publishing platform — open and free to every person (provided you observe the policies).

If Twitter is rapid food eaten in your automobile, then Medium is a gradual meal loved at a desk complete of scientists, commercial enterprise leaders, poets, and social commentators.

Do you need to be a few high-falutin expert to publish on Medium?

Not in any respect.

But you will need to convey your “A” sport.

How Medium Works

Non-contributors are restrained to reading 3 loose memories every month. The rest fall in the back of a paywall.

To examine greater Medium testimonies, the subscription rate is $5 in keeping with month or $50 according to yr, giving you limitless access and some other perks.

Readers engage with articles by:

Highlighting passages

Clapping (just like likes)


Writing On Medium

Medium’s easy interface is a author’s dream.

Its easy layout minimizes distractions and continues you targeted on writing.

And it’s fantastic smooth to insert and format pix.

Medium lets in you to browse an intensive library of loose Unsplash photographs proper there on the page (attribution is routinely positioned in a caption under).

Want to add a exquisite quote?

You have two alternatives: block or pull-rates.

Or you could embed a podcast, YouTube clip, or tweet.

And while your put up is all shiny and ready for the arena?

Add a meta-description

Include five subject matter tags

Let Medium realize you need to receives a commission for your paintings

Hit submit!

How Do You Make Money with Medium?

You make cash writing on Medium via Medium’s Partner Program.

It’s free to enroll in, and the method is simple (info below).

Then it’s time to write down (a lot).

That’s due to the fact you’re making cash primarily based on how plenty time paying Medium participants spend studying your articles every month.

You gained’t make any direct income from non-members unless they emerge as paying members inside 30 days of reading your work.

According to Medium’s weblog, “If final month a member spent 10% in their month-to-month studying time for your tale, you’ll acquire 10% in their percentage.”

Earnings are deposited through Stripe into your bank account around the eighth of every month, and you could see every day updates for your dashboard.

How Much Does Medium Pay Per Clap?

Medium moved far from factoring claps into creator’s payouts in October of 2019.

Instead, they decided that reading time is a better measure of reader engagement and appreciation.

However, claps are stats that do factor into how properly your story ranks, which offers your article extra possibilities to be examine (and with a view to get paid).

How Much Can You Earn From Medium?

In 2019, Medium paid more than $6 million to over 30,000 writers.


According to their September 2019 replace, a top author earned $30,638.Eighty one that month.

And in November 2019, a unmarried tale earned $7,384.22.

That’s quite a few dough, right?

But now for the buzzkill…

The big majority of Medium writers make less than $100 in keeping with month. In truth, handiest 7% to nine% of writers earn extra than that.


That’s due to the fact your outcomes will rely on factors like skill, dedication, current property (electronic mail listing, social media following), timing, and, yes, success.

But don’t despair — getting cash on Medium is achievable for real human beings such as you and me:

After months of difficult work, freelance writer Zita Fontaine started incomes over $1,000 month-to-month in November of 2019.

Megan Holstein revamped $10K closing yr — breaking the $1K mark in December 2019.

Shaunta Grimes, creator of Viral Nation, reported earning over $1,000 in keeping with week.

Brian Rowe, editor of The Partnered Pen, hit the $1K month-to-month mark last year.

If they did it, so are you able to.

How Do You Join the Medium Partner Program?

It’s simple.

I’ll stroll you via all the steps to sign up for:

A Medium account (tremendous easy)

The Medium Partner Program (a touch greater involved)

Although you do need a Medium account, you’re not required to have a Medium membership (with the month-to-month/annual membership fee) to sign up (although it’s pleasant to provide again to other writers on the platform, if you could swing it).

Set Up Your Medium Account

Creating your unfastened Medium account most effective takes a few minutes:

Go to Medium’s homepage (medium.Com) and click “Get commenced.”

Log in using Facebook, Google, or another e-mail cope with.

Go on your inbox and click on the link to confirm your email.

Complete your account setup by using getting into your call (pen names are allowed), and click on “Create account.”

That’s all there is to it!

Now you can join up for the associate application…

Join The Medium Partner Program

Joining Medium’s Partner Program calls for a few extra steps (and more information), but it’s not anything you could’t handle. Here’s what you do:

Click on the profile photo icon within the upper right corner of your screen, and click on “Medium Partner Program” inside the drop-down menu.

You’ll be taken to a page selling the accomplice program. Click “Join the Medium Partner Program” while you’re equipped.

You’ll then be asked to agree to the terms of provider. Give them a short read and then test the container.

Next you’ll be asked to select both the Stripe Express or Stripe Standard account.

Note: If your u . S . Isn’t served by Stripe, you received’t be capable of get paid thru the partner program.

If you don’t have a Stripe account, you may join up for an Express account via Medium.

Be ready to provide them with info like:

Legal call

Business cope with

Business telephone variety

Type of commercial enterprise: Individual, sole owner, or single-membership LLC

Business website

Routing variety

Bank account wide variety

Also, you need to realize that in case you installation a Stripe Express account via Medium, you gained’t be able to join that Stripe account to another services. If you intend on the usage of Stripe for different sides of your commercial enterprise, it probable makes experience to installation a Standard account instead.

If you already have a Stripe account, choose “Stripe Standard account,” after which click “Set up bills on Stripe.”

You’ll be taken to the page shown below. Click “Sign in” inside the upper proper corner.

Two buttons will seem. Click on “Connect my Stripe account.”

Then signal into your account.

Congratulations! You’re on a roll. Why now not contend with some tax documentation even as you’re at it?

You don’t should enter your tax data now, however you need to fill it out to receives a commission.

Fill Out Tax Forms (So You Can Get Paid)

Want to get this tax stuff out of the manner?


Keep in thoughts, your tax paperwork may also differ from those shown here:

If you’re now not already on the Taxpayer data web page, pass here to enter your information.

Choose the appropriate tax form and click on “Complete Form.” This page will assist you make a decision which to select.

Note: Most US Citizens will use a W9 (verify with your accountant). The W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E forms are for non-resident extraterrestrial beings.

This is the W9 form:

And that’s it!

Remember, you forfeit earnings if you don’t post tax information inside one hundred eighty days after the Sunday of your first week incomes.

Get. It. Done.

12 Tips for Earning Real Passive Income with the Medium Partner Program

You’re nicely on your way to incomes your first dollar on Medium.

But, if you need to make real cash, you should discover ways to make the companion application paintings for you.

Let’s look at a few techniques different writers are leveraging to be successful:

1. Write your satisfactory content material

Success on Medium requires your high-quality work.

Content should be informative, unique, attractive, properly concept out, and freed from typos and grammatical mistakes. The topic must be evergreen.

It need to be aesthetically captivating, with superb images and desirable formatting.

Never plagiarize, and usually give credit score and hyperlinks where suitable. And make sure you supply on the promise of your headline.

2. Craft fantastic headlines

Do yourself a desire and write at least a dozen headlines for every submit.

Good headlines get clicks. And clicks lead to reads (and pay).

Great headlines ought to:

Generate interest (don’t pass “complete clickbait,” Medium doesn’t find it irresistible)

Elicit emotion

Leverage variety psychology

Contain strength words

Demonstrate a clear gain to the reader

Feature a key-word (specifically in case you’re looking to rank in engines like google)

3. Produce continuously and prolifically

According to an analysis carried out by means of The Startup, writers who earned the most were regular publishers.


Because, as your target audience grows and your content is increasingly observed, read, and shared, your earnings compound over the years.

Some of the most a success earners put up multiple times in step with week, and have been doing so for months or years.

By writing more, you will:

Build writing talents

Increase your probabilities of writing a winner

Gain clarity approximately what works

Quality always trumps quantity, so don’t put up half-baked fabric simply so that you can persist with a schedule.

Four. Please Medium’s curators

If you meet Medium’s curation requirements, there’s a hazard the Medium editors will promote your content material throughout their platform (consisting of their e-mail list), giving your tale lots of publicity.

Medium currently counseled these articles in my inbox:

Articles deemed wonderful are featured on Medium’s front page (cha-ching!).

Even if you don’t get curated (regularly you won’t), your post will nonetheless be eligible for incomes via the accomplice application. You simply gained’t get nearly as tons visitors.

Five. Optimize for serps

Medium has millions of readers.

That doesn’t guarantee your submit gets the attention it merits. And having your posts rank well in search engines like google will power tons of perspectives (and more earnings).

This strategy calls for key-word research and a simple expertise of search engine marketing standards.

Make sure your publish includes:

A exquisite headline that includes the key-word

Alt-tags for pictures

Proper header tags: H1, H2, H3

Custom URL

Customized meta description

6. Engage the community

Medium is a place for humans to gather round thoughts.

From the beginning, you ought to build relationships by using leaving considerate remarks on different author’s memories.

Follow writers you want.

Mention and hyperlink to them in your articles when suitable.

And if someone takes the time to depart a legitimate comment on your submit, ensure you respond.

7. Leverage your connections

Give your Medium articles a boost by using sharing them along with your e mail list, in Facebook corporations, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and on different social media systems.

But recall, the connection goes both methods.

Connect your social debts to Medium to advantage new followers. Link out to your weblog to your Medium bio.

And don’t neglect to hyperlink in your Medium posts from other articles you write, either on Medium or other places (like your weblog).

8. Publish with courses

Medium’s pinnacle courses are observed by way of hundreds of lots of readers.

Writing for them can dramatically increase your reach.

And there are thousands of publications on a wide variety of subjects that you may submit your paintings to.

To post your paintings, go to their Medium web page and click on “Write For Us” or “Contribute.”

nine. Go long, however no fluff

According to Medium’s Data Lab, the surest duration publish takes 7 mins to study (that’s about 1,six hundred phrases).

But consider, exceptional usually trumps duration.

The greater time readers spend for your posts, the greater you receives a commission. But, simply making content material longer isn’t sufficient. If you could’t maintain readers’ interest beyond the first paragraph, it doesn’t be counted how long your submit is.

10. Profit from recognition

Where attention is going, money flows.

Study a success Medium writers and their testimonies. What’s running?

Write approximately famous topics, like:







Artificial Intelligence




And many greater

Popular topics have huge pools of readers. And meaning greater publicity for your paintings.

The larger the pond, the more fish you could seize.

11. Add layers of hobby

Yes, write about famous subjects.

But don’t be a clone.

Draw upon what you realize — regions of understanding or matters you have got a few deep interest in or connection to.

What particular attitude can you bring?

Dare to be specific:

Provide some historic context

Take them on a journey thru your senses

Write approximately real human beings in actual lifestyles situations

Be vulnerable and humanize a topic

Add colour with persona

Elicit emotion

Go big on studies and records

Take a contrarian stance

Give them a glimpse right into a hidden global

12. Lead your reader

Tell readers what to do next with the aid of giving them actionable recommendation.

Providing them with a few fantastic perception or new attitude is wonderful, but what do they do with it?

How can they go out and positioned it into practice today?

Have the braveness to now not most effective proportion ideas, but additionally lead with them.

The Medium Partner Program Pays

Can you are making critical coin on Medium?

You understand it.

It received’t appear in a single day (for most people, anyway).

But that’s k!

Every piece of content you write is an asset — an investment on the way to compound your earnings over time. That means your articles will hold operating for you, even even as you’re accessible hustling for different paid writing gigs!

And that’s virtually the important thing here.

Plan on writing plenty over a enormous time period. Plan on mastering and pivoting. And usually plan on failing along your path to fulfillment.

Why not begin that first article today?

Happy writing!

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