Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising

Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising

Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising


A lot has modified at the internet due to the fact that I wrote the first version of this eBook six

months ago, but marketing your business successfully at the internet is still the

unmarried most crucial skill to research for any business to continue to exist on-line.

So why is it so tough to find the effective marketing sources you need?

I in all likelihood don’t have to inform you that the internet is complete of loose advertising and marketing. It

comes in many forms, from web sites that market it different websites, to textual content-field

ads on the sides of pages, to adware, spam, blogs, bookmarking tools, & vehicle￾surfing… There are almost too many ways to get visitors in your internet site or weblog

now, because innovative marketers are identifying new ways to do it each day.

This enterprise has grown so large in fact that there are even many FREE ways to

get site visitors on your internet site. Legitimate site visitors free of charge… And masses of it, too. This

represents an first-rate possibility for brand spanking new commercial enterprise owners without a large

advertising and marketing budget.

That’s what this Encyclopedia is all about. I’ve spent years exploring, building,

and trying out these sources, and I’m going to percentage all of them with you nowadays. I’m

even going to review them excited about you with short-glance indicators that mirror

every loose visitors supply’s:

Quantity (How many visitors you could get.)

Quality (How Targeted the Visitors can be in your area of interest.)

Time to Delivery (How fast all your traffic can arrive.)

They can be rated on a scale of one to 5, 5 being the first-rate feasible. A Zero

rating approach that it’s not applicable.

It is my aim for this book to be a very fundamental handbook for all

on line businesses that promote it.

A not unusual false impression that many webmasters have is that all free styles of

traffic are very low in first-rate. Some will also quote the instances that software program

“bots” might be delivered as a vacationer in place of a human.

Scams do manifest from time to time, there’s no brushing off it. All of the site visitors

methods reviewed on this encyclopedia however, are authentic techniques which are


typically rip-off loose. A extremely good benefit about the usage of free advertising is that there’s no

purpose for a scammer to try to goal you, because you’re not a paying patron. No

credit card range, no scam. A slight case of spyware is the worst you have to

assume. (So get your anti-Spyware and anti-virus updated before trying some of


The fascinating aspect is that studies has found out that those sorts of site visitors are

no longer typically just cheap, un-focused surfers. There’s lots of unfastened Pay-Per-Click

site visitors accessible, simply as focused as Google’s AdWords. In reality, whilst you get

down to the “P” segment, I’m displaying every person analyzing this e book precisely in which

they can select up their very own unfastened a hundred,983 traffic in paid, WELL-TARGETED


There are also free approaches to get especially big quantities of visitors, that best

require a modest amount of it slow operating on the the front give up. Search engine marketing, Link

Building, and Article Marketing all could make your web site the most famous site on

the net in your niche market, yet they don’t fee a unmarried penny to do effectively.

Furthermore, focused traffic isn’t the best visitors you’ll ever likely need. I’m sure

you will be adequate with a pair hundred thousand semi-targeted or Non-centered

visitors to your site the next day, constructing up your Alexa Ranking and displaying the

international how effective a draw your website has… Also, with the ones varieties of

numbers, you stand to make extra than only a sale or , irrespective of how

unrelated the referring website online is.

I’m going to spill the beans on a technique to do just that for you beneath the “Traffic

Exchanges” section. The rest of this e book is just as beneficial, in fact, what I’ve

stated here aren’t the most effective juicy bits! However, juicy or now not, you should

choose a approach for your advertising efforts and keep on with it, because exclusive

techniques require exceptional kinds of marketing.

What it all comes all the way down to is which KINDS of site visitors you want on your advertising

approach. You’ll make sure to discover a few on this eBook to fit your needs.

So earlier than we get started out, let me reiterate that every approach on this

encyclopedia is absolutely unfastened that allows you to use to force some form of visitors on your

website with. All strategies listed right here had been tested, not just by way of me, but by means of

other on line marketers or even scores offerings in a few instances.

There aren’t any resources of site visitors right here that require you to apply a credit card. (Unless

you improve to a few top class stage of carrier, of path.) With those unfastened

services alone, everyone without difficulty increase enough site visitors to their web site to make you

wonder how Google can charge a lot for AdWords listings!

So why am I giving this understanding away free of charge, in preference to hoarding all the

traffic for myself? I notion you may ask that… I definitely might.


You’ll discover the answer to that query right here underneath the letters “E” and “V” – This is

a Viral eBook, that’s one of the techniques with the highest “Quantity” & “Time to

Delivery” out of all free visitors generation kinds that there is. Yes, I’m getting tons

of loose site visitors from this eBook, because it is so jam-filled with useful

facts. Keep that during thoughts as you examine any segment of this e-book; no matter

which of the techniques you operate to force your site visitors, it all works out in the long run that

the most effective actual manner to convince anybody online to visit your website is to provide them

something treasured.

In my case, I’m handing out this e book to all of us in hopes that they test out

my Surefire Success System. It’s pretty probable the handiest gadget on-line which could

very without problems make you cash in your financial institution account inside 48 hours, and in the meantime,

it builds many more than one residual streams of profits without duplicating your paintings.

Naturally, it has an affiliate application too, in which associates make a generous fifty one%,

so if there was ever a product on line really worth using the methods in this eBook to

promote, Surefire Success would be it.

Now that my reasons are exposed, you must critically ask your self what yours

are. Are you selling any products that you may be pleased with? Are you just

testing those techniques to look if anything online really pays? Or are you simply

looking for an extra manner to growth performance in order that your modern move of

earnings starts offevolved to absolutely take off?

I can’t pressure sufficient that used properly many of the methods in this book are

very POWERFUL. They can be unfastened, but pretty some entries here are the precise

same things that the professionals use to benefit big, passive visitors.

So don’t waste this information on something that doesn’t make you correct cash!

If you’re not definitely positive what will make you real, achievable coins this week,

then I pretty inspire you to swing by way of Surefire Success and test out all that

we should provide.

Anyway, I desire you locate this Encyclopedia as useful as many of my beyond readers

have, and that it allows to make your business a large success, regardless of what

that business is. I’m rooting for you, and if you ever need any superior tactics

on any issue of your Home Business, swing through the Home Biz Factory and I’ll be

certain to have just the training you’re searching out, all for free.

To Your Surefire Success!


Affiliate Programs

If you have a internet site that sells a product on-line, and you’ve

built in a fair quantity of room into your fee for it, then you

have an opportunity right here to use a GREAT free visitors supply.

In reality, running your own Affiliate Program allows you in greater ways than one. By

signing up associates to exit and promote your product for you, you’ll no longer simplest construct a

large salesforce, (assuming you are making your provide tempting for them) however you will

additionally be building hordes of 1-manner, focused hyperlinks lower back for your internet site as they

promote it inside the various locations.


You must be very persuasive to get an interested following to do critical selling

in your product.

To overcome this difficulty, honestly construct greater room into your price so that the

economic gain to your associates is just too tempting for them to refuse. 50%

commissions are pretty wellknown in recent times on informational products, with a few

merchandise go all the manner up to one hundred% fee shape, in order that the seller can

increase a newsletter listing.

I could have to say that, in particular whilst managing Clickbank (the number 1

infoproduct marketplace for affiliates) 75% commissions to your associates is the

manner to head. That’s simply due to the fact there are so many products obtainable competing

for an affiliate’s interest… So when you consider that seventy five% is the most that clickbank allows,

you’ll quickly research that affiliates will swarm to those merchandise first and also you’ll build

up a sales pressure (and incoming links) speedy. –And you can continually flip down the

commission later.

Naturally, if your product is not to be had for on line transport (i.E. Software only)

then the potential to draw associates can be an awful lot more tough for you… Not

not possible though, because a few associates recognize the significance of supplying

their readers a complete range of merchandise built around a principal area of interest subject matter.

Having an associate application that gives more than one stages facilitates as well. There isn’t an

associate marketer alive who wouldn’t want to earn residual income from the work of


There are two extraordinary approaches to get started with your personal affiliate application. Both

can be free, and of route you pay your affiliates out of income afterwards.

The maximum common shape of affiliate application is when a webmaster masses software program,

normally some form of PHP or Perl script onto the server, integrating it with the

internet site. These have been bought for years to webmasters and lately have even

been presented for free.

The 2d kind is a provider run off-web page, thru carriers inclusive of

ClickBank.Com, Commission Junction, or PayDotCom. (There are many

other, non-loose ones too.) They do the added work for you of assisting your

merchandise get found by using extra associates, and that they even feature your product in an

on-line market of theirs. Naturally, they want their reduce of the product’s sale

too, usually within the variety of four% to eight%. (Some permit you to even cut up that fee along with your


These services can be greater powerful in the end for the average information￾product supplier, but pretty often they do not provide the ability that many

webmasters want to excellent promote their personal product line. In those instances, the use of

server-aspect software program scripts is the most effective manner to go.

Finding a free reproduction of your own Affiliate application software program to load onto your web

server is quite painless, as there are now several exceptional scripts to pick out from.

To find your personal script, simply google the terms “loose affiliate software

software” or “free associate management software.” They should both go back helpful

results for you.

Naturally, you’ll have to investigate every one extensive to peer if it runs in your

precise server to your software program surroundings. No count number which way you go,

there could be masses of research involved; this isn’t some thing you can begin up in

the subsequent 20 minutes. (More like 2-7 days.) Once it starts offevolved though, assuming you

make your provide attractive sufficient, this can honestly carry in hordes of traffic

without delay.

Article Marketing (A Subset of Link Building)

Writing articles about your topic of hobby and sending them

out to article directories, different websites, and eZines to

submit is an almost perfect manner to gain unfastened advertising and marketing. I certainly

can’t endorse it sufficient for lengthy-term hyperlink building campaigns. All you want is

time & writing capabilities for this self-compounding method to make your internet site one

of the maximum respected and authoritative websites at the internet.

I realise that this technique has been out inside the open and even finished to death over

the final couple of years, specially with the popular trend known as “Bum Marketing,”

however I locate that a variety of humans who’ve attempted Article Marketing speedy supply it

up before seeing any achievement.

It seems that everyone units out writing articles, regardless of if they do it themselves

or pay a person to do it for them, by filing one or articles to the main

article directories located inside the extra famous article submission software suites,

along with Brad Callen’s outstanding, unfastened Article Submitter software.

Some kind of article submission software program is pretty a lot necessary because it

can take a long term to submit an editorial to even a handful of web sites… The

automation that all of these softwares provide are not just ‘set-it and forget it,’ and

you Don’t want them to be! The manner that the Article directories are set up, you

will most genuinely nevertheless should go to every website and ensure it populates all of the

right fields properly. (But the software makes that a good deal faster.)

The primary hassle that people have with any article submission software is that

when most humans first attempt them, (I am clearly responsible of this myself) they want to

‘take a look at the waters’ to see if the technique works or now not before they commit to it fully.

With most purchases you make for your existence, that is a fair strategy – but no longer while it

involves an article submission campaign. The actual advantage in sending out your

articles is with the aid of doing it in bulk, through the years.

What proponents of Article Marketing have thus far failed to tell me (but I discovered

for myself the tough manner) is that one or articles available pointing lower back to my

website, no matter what number of directories I send it to, is best going to assist an itsy￾bitsy, teeny weenie bit, and then slowly fizzle away.

More than possibly it received’t even send a single traveller to my website online… It will best help my

PageRank a chunk, for a while.

This of direction assumes that I haven’t gotten it posted through an eZine proprietor who

has a truely large listing… Since there’s no manner to be sure that you can get it

published with the aid of an eZine proprietor with plenty of impact, we won’t rely on it for this

instance. Think of that as a wonder bonus you can sometime get with this

system, if it occurs at all.

The way to absolutely be successful with articles is to have an editorial submitted to all the

directories EVERY WEEK, all linking lower back to the identical internet site. This of route

takes time and endurance, that’s the only reason that so many humans fail at this


I don’t sense it’s worth my time every unmarried week to write and put up a piece of writing, I’ve

got greater vital activities with my life. Worse yet, I’ve thus far made a dwelling

from informational AdSense publishing (VRE) websites, so jogging an editorial

campaign for every of those 250+ small web sites is actually not possible.

However, during the last year I’ve tested 10 one of a kind campaigns of article

submission for 10 of those web sites, and the one end result all of them had in not unusual became

that bulk, everyday submissions are the important thing.

I hired someone on lease-a-coder to post my articles for me once every week for three

months, and proper now (4 months later) a few of these web sites are #1 in Google with

no different promotion besides for hyperlink directory submissions.

It’s a high instance of the tortoise and the hair… But inside the first and 2d

months of the marketing campaign, I turned into positive my turtle become asleep!

For extra advanced instruction on Article Marketing specifics, I even made a movie

taking walks you thru the manner. You can check that out here:

How to Generate Serious Website Traffic with Article Marketing


AutoSurfing – A first-rate method to bring in heaps of completely

uninterested visitors. See “Traffic Exchanges”


Blasting – (Scam Alert!)

This general term is occasionally used loosely for sending out

big amounts of (assumed non-junk mail) electronic mail, inclusive of to

a couple of eZines or Safelists. See “eZines.”

However, there is a lesser-understood ‘approach’ known as Blasting that scammers

normally use to sell software program. Beware any Software that claims to “Blast” your

internet site out to massive numbers of directories, other websites, labeled Ads, FFAs,

or maybe “unfastened” eZine publishers. If they are charging cash for this software or

provider, you won’t ever pay attention from them again.

If they aren’t charging money for it, then they’re harvesting your electronic mail address

and you’ll be the next “blastee.”

Blogs (A subset of Link Building)

These super gear act as reproduction web sites which might be extremely

smooth and unfastened to set up, and may generate site visitors right away.

All you want is some content, no longer even superb content material,

and you’ve got a tremendous “Second site” for the search engine to comply with your hyperlinks to

and from.

Ever on account that Google bought Blogger.Com, Googlebot has paid a variety of interest to

what’s occurring in “the Blogosphere.” Search engines still love to spider Blog

content greater frequently than different sorts of web sites, due to the fact that blogs had been invented to be

clean for SE Spiders to traverse within the first location.

A precise characteristic of even the unfastened blogs like WordPress & blogger is that you could

set them up to automatically “ping” sure Search Engines or maybe social

bookmarking websites to request that the spider comes out for every other visit every

time new content material is brought.

However, the hype approximately blogs has frequently died down now. (Thank goodness!) At

first it become well justified, after which a technique of website advertising referred to as “Blog and

Ping” became overused in early 2006 by using most of the Internet Marketers of the time.

It concerned making tons of blogs with almost no content in them except a hyperlink to

their internet site, after which putting all of them to ping straight away… This brought on

Google to preserve an emergency battle council and now the Ping function is simplest

marginally higher than not at all. –It continues to be a bonus over regular websites

even though!

The different awesome element approximately a Blog is that you could get attention to it, no longer just with the aid of

pinging but with any of the lots of social bookmarking equipment, in keeping with POST, now not

according to website, which is a effective factor. There are many entrepreneurs who are the use of

WordPress blogs hooked up on their very own servers to generate four,000 precise site visitors

every day right now! –Not peaks, but Constant visitors… Although they do have to

provide you with accurate content material each day for that to stay at that degree.

You can read loads extra about Web 2.0 and Social bookmarking in later

chapters, inclusive of how they relate to blogs, however the issue to determine at this point is

in case you need to construct a huge, excessive-tech blog your self, or in case you just need to use

different’s blogs for a few clean site visitors.

Check out this provider with the aid of none aside from Mike Filsaime: The Free Advertising

Blog. It’s an interesting instance of a blog was a free-for all advert posting

web page. He’s basically just allowed anybody to join up totally free and start posting their

advertisements, even in full HTML. –With some hundred or thousand weblog postings a day, I

get the idea that no person’s ever going to study these things… But because it’s a Blog,

you realize Googlebot will!

A BLOG with hundreds of posts an afternoon?? Let’s just say that the jury is still out on

how lengthy this can final. –But you might as well sign up and get your free one-way

link on your web sites with it even as they’re nevertheless treasured.

The cause I cited Free Ad Blog wasn’t simply to construct downlines, but I wanted

to demonstrate a factor; it’s smooth to locate blogs which might be watched with the aid of search engine

spider continuously, so you can put up one-way hyperlinks back to your site. This is with the aid of

no manner the most effective weblog on-line a good way to let you put up without spending a dime.

So, a big bloggin’ operation or actually small weblog hit n’ run jobs; It’s as much as you ways

to apply weblogs. They are extraordinarily flexible & powerful when coupled with social

bookmarking tools, and the Blogosphere is developing exponentially, day by day. But no

remember that you select, I advise you start someplace, because we’re all

going to be running a blog ultimately if we still have a need for any traffic.

Blog Comments – (A subset of Link Building)

Much like Forum Marketing, commenting on other humans’s

Blogs is a outstanding manner to construct incoming links and also community

on your niche.

Finding blogs which can be in your niche topic is as smooth as going to Blogger’s seek

at: http://search.Blogger.Com, to a great tech head’s web site referred to as Technorati:

http://technorati.Com, or directly to Google’s whole web Blog Search at:


Once you’ve determined a weblog this is for your subject matter, I suggest bookmarking it and

the others you find into the identical folder so you can watch them every now and then.

What’ you’re seeking out is a question that you may answer. If you simply make a

posting that sounds like an advertisement, they you’ll be spamming the weblog, and

simply the weblog’s proprietor will delete it, and may even ban your IP deal with.

The trick is to answer a question a person else asks along with your business being

part of the answer. You want to expose off your expertise without sounding too

smug, and of direction you need to get a link in. Always offer assist and advice,

and simplest market yourself while it’s a part of a strategy to a person else’s query.

The real blessings of this technique are long term, as you want to be located by using both

SE Spiders and people alike, speakme authoritatively on your niche subject. No

one weblog posting will carry in heaps of traffic, but, and also you aren’t going to

find the ‘ripe’ questions accessible each day.

Banner Ad Exchanges

Most humans will agree publicly that they in no way click on on banner

commercials. Then they move domestic and click on on them without even knowing it. Banner advertisements

nowadays are all about creative placement that can paintings properly whilst achieved right.

It’s actual that they’ve misplaced their effectiveness substantially… In 1994, site owners

ought to EXPECT five% or extra clickthru fees for semi-targeted banner ads! We

were within the infancy of advertising and marketing on the net and lower back in those days we all

thought that Advertising wouldn’t move very far on line! How naive we all have been…

But in 2000, Harvard University did an in-depth experiment on internet surfing with

the belief that we had educated ourselves to keep away from looking at banner ads.

Specifically, the strip across the top 10% of the display screen was certainly invisible to

us already.

Clickthru fees plummeted from 5% way right down to 0.0005%, and I have no idea

wherein they are nowadays. The equal old banner advertisements actually received’t ever paintings again.

So, why did I rate them three out of 5 for amount?

Advertisers have discovered how to make banner advertisements quite powerful once more.

They virtually move them round at the web page, make them into different shapes,

turn them vertical, or something else to differ them from one page to the following.

They appearance extraordinary, and normally webmasters know to most effective place very centered

advertisements on their sites, because the more centered the commercials are to their content material, the

better the clickthru fee might be.

The technique that lets in you to get get admission to to this form of advertising totally free is

known as a Banner Exchange. Like a visitors change, those paintings by means of you

changing impressions with other webmasters.

All you have to make is a single banner, (obviously the extra, the higher) and

area it at the side of your internet site profile into one of the many Banner Exchange

services. The drawback is that you need to discover a site to show other humans’s

banners for your web page… A seize that maximum income websites can’t manage to pay for to stay with.

If you can locate room in your website for this type of banner, those do circulate a few

traffic around pretty well now that they’ve divided up all individuals websites into

categories… That manner you’ll most effective display ads to your website from different websites in

your very own fashionable niche. And the extra times you show that banner, the more

times yours could be seen.

Overall, it’s a median site visitors generation approach, not anything too powerful. Perhaps

you’ll have a use for this form of traffic, but in most instances I’d say that you can

do a good deal better.

If you’re involved, you could without problems discover a right trade through googling: “Best

Banner Exchange.” Often you’ll see Banner ad exchanges constructed into different

services stated here consisting of visitors bars and surf exchanges.


Classified Ads – (A listing of not anything however junk mail)

Much like a newspaper Classified Ad segment, there are

masses if now not thousands of places online you could submit a

“website promotional” classified Ad to sell your commercial enterprise.

Unfortunately, the layout of these things absolutely invites intense spamming as a

few hundred site owners out there will constantly spam each unmarried Ad

tens of millions of instances, once in a while daily, to the same directory!

You may have by no means seen one of these items because they’re hidden away

where human eyes could not possibly go. They are most often stumbled upon

from the other side, while some scam artist sells a novice an “Ad Blasting” or

some comparable ploy ensuring that the bad man’s listing will be published in

thousands of various places.

On the intense facet, one of these listing is positioned in a class so that any ensuing

site visitors would be semi-focused. Also, Ads are right away published to these computerized

boards, so any visitors would be instant as well.

But that’s where my enthusiasm ends. Since there are so many Ads coming in,

yours will simplest stay at the top page for a few seconds, if that long. To my

information, no one has ever study one of those horrible, spammy advertisements and nobody

in their proper mind ever will.

Search Engines avoid those places just like the plague and being determined in them

can without a doubt HURT your Search Engine scores! Quite possibly, these listings will

probably do more damage to your website than exact.

I extraordinarily advocate maintaining your distance.

Craigslist – (A Subset of Link Building)

Craigslist is a highly popular categorized Ad site (a real

exception to the other commercials on the web) that started out

out as a easy bulletin board to be shared between some

buddies in San Francisco. It has grown so massive and so numerous that it reached #24

in Alexa ultimate year! (Currently # forty six)

It performed this with the aid of presenting a no-frills simple categorised-ad list that changed into Specific

on your Metropolitan region. If you move and go to Craigslist.Org proper now, you’ll get

to select your nearest large metropolis… Naturally a variety of advertisers sense that it’s no longer

well worth their time to location advertisements to one town at a time, so it absolutely enables promote a

unsolicited mail-free environment.

Placing your classified ads on Craigslist in reality works quite properly, all matters

considered. You may ought to location your ads inside the top five or ten biggest cities, all

by way of hand, separately, however it virtually had delivered a consistent albeit skimpy circulation of

visitors that sticks round for weeks.

If you’re curious, go to the primary web page and click on underneath the:

“Your City Craigslist” > “small biz commercials” –This is the best without a doubt marked place

that you’re allowed to post Ads in, although you notice them regularly in other areas as

nicely. Below is a listing of the January 2007 pinnacle 20 most-trafficked subdomains at

Craigslist, in line with Alexa.Com.

• sfbay.Craigslist.Org – 14%

• newyork.Craigslist.Org – 10%

• losangeles.Craigslist.Org – 9%

• seattle.Craigslist.Org – 4%

• boston.Craigslist.Org – three%

• sandiego.Craigslist.Org – 3%

• vancouver.Craigslist.Org – 3%

• orangecounty.Craigslist.Org – 3%

• chicago.Craigslist.Org – three%

• portland.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• denver.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• washingtondc.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• phoenix.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• atlanta.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• lasvegas.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• toronto.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• minneapolis.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• dallas.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• sacramento.Craigslist.Org – 2%

• austin.Craigslist.Org – 1%


Doorway Sites – (A subset of Link Building)

Old timers will do not forget this phrase with very bad

connotations. Around the year 2000, a “Doorway Site” meant

a “faux” website online that looked just like the web page you have been going to,

which existed just to fool the Search Engines into thinking

that they may be more than one sites with exclusive keywords, yet people wouldn’t realize

that they have been separate in any respect. (They ought to cowl extra key phrases that manner.)

That trick is so apparent to every Search Engine now that no one even tries it

anymore. They’d get their IP cope with banned for sure.

Nowadays, a number of Internet Marketers are reviving the phrase to intend a barely

extraordinary, a good deal extra SE-friendly strategy of link building.

These new ‘Doorway Sites’ are normally just blogs or informational web sites such

as an “AdSense Farm” website online. However, its principal motive, whether or not it shows Ads

on it or no longer, is simply to exist as an on-topic link to the owner’s number one internet site!

The fact is that web sites are so cheap and smooth to spit out these days, in spite of

properly located key phrases and content, that it’s actually well worth the time of a committed

webmaster trying to build lots of applicable, one-way hyperlinks to make those websites

just for the linking price on my own.

Obviously this is a protracted-term approach that won’t be getting you any clicks or maybe

rank improvement this week. To do it right you’ll need to make this doorway site

with nicely-located key phrases, semi-clean content material, and post it to all of the hyperlink

directories earlier than linking it in your primary website.

Still, if you’re in it for the lengthy-haul, imagine what 50 or more of these pointing to

one website online will do for it’s ranking, all concentrated on a exclusive primary keyword on topic.

One serious problem is that Googlebot assessments IP addresses. A few of those

websites sharing the equal IP deal with at your server host is pleasant… But there may be

an top restrict and Google isn’t telling us precisely what that restriction is.

If you get critical about this technique, you could find yourself spending a lot of

cash on hosting for you to buy IP addresses on separate “magnificence C

blocks,” to be able to idiot any Search Engine into questioning that the separate websites

aren’t owned by using the identical man or woman.

Another technique is to make your web sites in plenty of various loose blogging or

loose internet site systems, like Blogger, WordPress, Freewebs, and many others… Naturally that is

a good deal extra time consuming because of the variant.

Keeping it a small operation, perhaps 10-50 or so websites pointing to 1 primary

website shouldn’t be a actual subject at any price. Just a variety of work.

Directory Submissions – (Link Building)

There is probably no higher first advertising step for any

website at all than filing it to the top four hundred or so Link

Directories. As you may see from my score, it’s no longer even

close to being your exceptional approach of site visitors era. However, if you care about

incoming links in your internet site, this is THE FOUNDATION that all different links will

build on, because Search Engines begin in those places and find your internet site

through the links you vicinity in them.

I’ve built over three hundred one-of-a-kind websites for all kinds of one of a kind functions in my

career, however I have submitted all of them to the legitimate link directories without

fail. It’s a no brainer that sincerely should be notion of as important, notwithstanding the

piddling amount of site visitors it brings.

There are possibly extra link directories obtainable than everyone may want to ever publish

to, but happily it’s miles most effective crucial to publish to the ones which have a few

PageRank. Even nonetheless, the quantity of submissions you could land up making for

each website online can be between 400 and 500, so this isn’t a quick undertaking to do. Without

software program to preserve up with all of them, and of direction that will help you paste your content material

into all of those forms, you’d take manner too long to finish a single site’s posting.

It used to value plenty for software that would put up to all the exceptional directories, (As I

recognise properly, I have paid out the nostril!) But fortuitously for you there’s now a completely

Free software as a way to put up to all the exceptional Directories. (It can be upgraded to do

them all, however the unfastened choice is SO an awful lot better than doing it with the aid of hand.) It’s

truly referred to as Directory Submitter, and it’s made with the aid of the equal man who did SEO

Elite, so you are aware of it’s exceptional stuff. Download it ASAP and make it part of your

advertising regimen for each website or weblog you start for the rest of your life.

Desktop Direct Messaging – (List constructing)

A little like a Trafficbar, Desktop Messaging is a way to send

ads thru an e mail-sized verbal exchange immediately to the desktop

of human beings you’ve talked into loading the software program software.

Although this sounds like an impossible way to build traffic, it does have the very

reachable facet-effect of being completely freed from junk mail filters, so while the usage of this as a

manner to send newsletters on your listing or downline, you get a hundred% transport, immediately.

It’s more like a messenger provider than an email program although, and convincing

a downline to sign up to hear your thoughts every week, on the fee of them

hearing 13 different’s thoughts as nicely, seems like an impossible task. (You simplest

get hold of 1 message every week from every of the 14 people for your upline.)

The simplest famous desire is Desktop Lightning, none others have constructed up a

following large sufficient to do not forget.

It’s exciting, at any price, so if you may use different tactics like safelists or visitors

exchanges to build up your Desktop Lightning downline, then possibly you’ll discover

a manner for it to be beneficial.

Naturally, the handiest humans to put in this on their computer systems could be different net

entrepreneurs, so don’t even trouble trying if you are advertising to another area of interest at


Digg – Digg.Com is a Social Bookmarking tool with first-rate electricity. (The best of all

social bookmarkers.) It’s completely free to use this to generate some of the

fastest and most extreme visitors of all on-line, despite the fact that your content material needs to be

exciting. See “Social Bookmarking” for more approximately this particularly encouraged

Web 2.0 utility.


eBay (A subset of List Building)

eBay? Free Advertising?

Ok, so technically an public sale listings price 35 cents… But one

sale can easily make you a profit, and also you’re allowed to sell

nine of the same product in one auction at that fee… So that is one exception

I’m going to hold on this e book as it’s truly BETTER than free, all things

taken into consideration.

So where does the Advertising part are available?

Simply place an facts package of a few type, even if it’s simply an article on

your area of interest, and promote that infoproduct in an exceptionally reasonably-priced public sale list. Most

human beings sell these things for 1 penny, despite the fact that the distinction among 1 cent and

35 cents definitely isn’t that plenty of a difference to the shoppers looking for this


Naturally there aren’t any different charges like delivery or coverage, because transport is

a easy digital download. Further advertising is as much as you, and it’s miles usually a

be counted of simply giving eBay some extra expenses to make your list stand out

greater. If your listing is profiting, attempt starting the following list as a “Gallery item” for

some other 35 cents, and move up from there till you’ve reached a point of maximum


Here’s the tremendous component approximately this tactic: The winner of the listing’s electronic mail deal with is

automatically sent to you via email, via eBay itself. Sell a bunch of those info

packets, and you’ve built your self one among your industry’s maximum centered lists!

Don’t feel too unnoticed if you haven’t mentally joined these two principles collectively

before now. Not too many human beings have, except they bought the secret from

a person on eBay themselves.

The reality is that eBay already has the lion’s percentage of visitors, and more importantly,

of human beings within the buying mind-set. Compare this to Google’s Traffic, which is

composed of humans in the “gaining knowledge of” attitude. It’s now not difficult to assume why

severe marketers decide on eBay’s traffic to Google’s Traffic!

Advertising on eBay is as easy as being there in the first region, using a few

nicely-searched keywords. Finding those key phrases isn’t too difficult either; all you

definitely should do is look for expired listings and type through the rate. This manner

you’ll easily see which auctions lately got the most money on your area of interest, and

then all you have to do is model your campaign like theirs, listing your product

below the equal class!


Although the Delivery Time and the Quality of the visitors is global magnificence, the

Quantity isn’t always infinite… It depends on your niche, of route, but the competition

on eBay can be fierce as new auctions might be placed above older ones all the

time. Still, with human beings satisfied to look keywords you’ve still got an amazing hazard

of being determined even between the first day or the last few mins of the auction.

Effectiveness in drawing a huge amount of visitors all depends on how suitable your

auction’s sales copy is. Luckily, you can version your auction off others that have

performed well inside the past.

Make no mistake approximately it; selling infoproducts on eBay is a world-magnificence listing￾building approach. That’s approximately all there’s to it, however most people forget this very

powerful manner of building your listing as it appears too awkward, or they don’t

need to take some time to position an information-packet together.

If you promote a product on line, then you definately’ve got to stand the fact ultimately that that is

some of the most centered, “consumer-frenzied” visitors that exists. If you’re not the use of

this tactic, then you definately’ll now not handiest be depriving your business of a regular circulate of

higher-than-free advertising, however you’ll also be lacking out on a large source of

clients that you aren’t probable so as to attain otherwise.

The reality is that everybody eBays these days. That’s why I can use eBay as a

verb! In reality I’ve seen a statistic recently that showed $14 of each $a hundred spent

online, international, is spent through eBay now, and this number remains growing! It

is sincerely the single biggest mover of money on the planet.

People from ALL walks of lifestyles can be observed there, right once they have their

credit score cards in hand looking to spend… I don’t even understand of another source of

traffic that comes close!

When used successfully, you can build up a spot marketplace listing on any topic with this

method, and attain an extraordinary 50% or more of that marketplace over the years.

EBooks – (A subset of List Building)

So, you puzzled why I didn’t try to promote all the treasured

facts on this eBook, did you? The truth is that eBooks

nearly can’t be bought anymore, due to the fact each marketer and

their uncle has penned at the least one eBook lately and given it away!

Why could we do that? Well, it’s the equal precept as Article Marketing, except

that it builds more brand reputation and is a whole lot greater dynamic. For example,

you’ve possibly noticed an affiliate hyperlink or two for the duration of this PDF record.

Some authors write those eBook just as a manner to spread their Affiliate links

alone. Some even pay a crew of ghost-writers to crank out a gaggle of eBooks for

them to do simply that, on a larger scale!

The maximum not unusual use of eBooks nowadays and one which nevertheless works wonderfully

for most niches outside of Internet Marketers is supplying a loose eBook in

change for your tourist’s eMail deal with. Like eBay, it’s a superb supply of

centered traffic. That’s it – you essentially just bribe people to get on your listing.

There’s nothing wrong with this tactic, it really works. It’s now not such as you’re misleading

all and sundry, either. Most of them got here for your website online to discover extra records, and

probable might have signed up on your newsletter anyway just to find what they

had been looking for.

The 1/3 and lesser-acknowledged, but more powerful method of the use of eBooks, comes

from combining them with Viral Marketing… Such because the product you’re analyzing

proper now.

Unless you got a complicated replica of this eBook, the various Affiliate hyperlinks you

saw right here weren’t my personal. My primary goal when penning this eBook changed into to

get site visitors to my website and increase brand popularity for Surefire Success…

Keeping manage of all of the associate links in it might have been a pleasing move of

profits for me, however the e-book would no longer probably are becoming into your hands, as I

wouldn’t be offering an incentive to other marketers to skip this around. I explain

this tactic more extensive below “Viral Marketing.”

An apparent disadvantage is that it can be gradual to get going. However, it doesn’t have

to be. If your e book is truely precise and offers a notable incentive, (like I wish this one

does) then increasingly affiliates will ship it out, and technically you can

building up a massive list very quickly that manner.

Using JV Partners (see “Joint Ventures”) is a top notch way to release your eBook for

that reason. If you could provide it to a bunch of large-listing owners to send out to their

lists, their predominant incentive can be the revenue from your affiliate hyperlinks in the

record they ship.

Also, don’t be discouraged at all from making an e-book as it appears difficult to

write or compile one. I recognize that most human beings don’t have a PDF author

software, so they assume that making an eBook will fee them money or maybe be

something hard to research. –Nothing can be further from the fact though!

PDFs are so nicely included into the business global now, that there are dozens of

ways to make your MS-Word file right into a PDF file, and it’ll appearance and

paintings simply as excellent as it would if you composed it with high priced Adobe software program.

I even made a movie displaying you just how to do it:

How to Convert an MS Word Doc Into a PDF for Free

I wish that enables… Now all you have to do is start writing.

EZines – (Your own Newsletter, or your “List”)

If you’ve been advertising online extra than a minute, I’m positive

you’ve been bombarded with the phrase “the Money’s inside the

List.” Well it’s 90% true. It doesn’t cease there; you still should

work at it. Keep giving for your listing once you sign them up, similar to a one-sided


If you ask any of the subscribers to my personal list, I desire that they tell you I’ve been

doing simply that. So some distance, I haven’t had any more than one unmarried unsubscribe, and I

agree with it’s miles because my newsletter gives something for everyone, not just a new

Advertisement each week. Anyone can ship out a bunch of solo Ads from JV

Partners and the associate programs that they’re pitching, however I wouldn’t

advise it in case you’re interested in building a stable, trusting courting along with your

subscriber base.

There are hundreds of places on line that harvest email addresses, typically by means of

some form of co-registration, (in which a person doesn’t even realize he’s signing up

for the second e-newsletter simultaneously) and could be happy to promote me a whole

Solo Ad mailing allotment to that list of two hundred,000 or more for some thing like $50.

Sure, it seems like a splendid deal, but what would it definitely get me? About 200,000

eMail containers filled most effective with Ads which can be not opened anymore.

Why should those human beings study such eMail? Would you watch a TV channel that

ONLY showed Ads?

The most effective manner to make your very own listing profitable is to offer the same valuable

content material that you would in a product or informational internet site. If you are just

searching out a quick product release of 1 event, I don’t suggest an eZine for

you at all. Owning any eZine listing that is really worth its weight in kilobytes is a long term

method that calls for masses of protection. In that case, you must Joint Venture

with plenty of other eZine proprietors

The rewards are amazing, but. This is the most effective site visitors technique in this

complete eBook that receives a really perfect score. And yes, it is unfastened to build and eMail

your list frequently; there are many software program e-mail utilities and even automobile￾responders floating around without spending a dime. A good percent of web host control

panels now have them constructed into your hosting controls.

Naturally the tough part is the time it takes to accumulate the listing. I provide it a 5 out of 5

for shipping speed but because once you send out your e-mail to the complete

listing, you could have heaps or even tens of heaps of people on your

internet site in mins. Nothing else inside the complete IM arena can claim to do that.

EZines you may put it up for sale in Free

Easily confused with Safelists, there are many eZine services

that sell Solo Ad mailings to their big, loosely harvested lists,

and every so often they’ll even offer a free emailing just to get

your commercial enterprise. Of path they need to promote you a miles bigger eMailing down the


It is commonplace to see an ad from a company that seems like a legitimate eZine

“collector” enterprise, providing a free Solo Ad submission to a listing around the dimensions

of five,000 – 50,000 recipients. I haven’t examined too a lot of those due to the

hoops they make you soar through and the long strains you have to stand in.

In my enjoy, those groups have the strength to acquire and sort any such list

out in their essential, untargeted listing and use it as described above in a form of “bait &

switch” recurring.

I can’t verify if all of them do enterprise this manner, however I even have visible it show up extra than

as soon as. The free mailing will move pleasant but you’ve got to buy a second mailing… So

you pick out a bundle, pay $sixty seven or extra for the mailing, and a month later whilst

it’s a while to be featured, the a whole lot larger list doesn’t convert almost in addition to

the little one did!

Let’s not neglect which you genuinely don’t have any manner of knowing what number of recipients

were given the e-mail, or in the event that they had been safelist packing containers, completely untargeted, and so forth… So any

time you see the words “eMail your ad to two,000,000 people for simplest $X,” just

take into account that there are many greater than 2 million safelist electronic mail boxes on-line!

The best manner to take advantage of this technique is to keep the use of the “little lists,”

by way of jumping from service to carrier, in no way purchasing a larger mailing. However,

there is often a few weeks or greater of ready in line to get via each time,

and on occasion an outright rip-off can arise.

One of the few times I tried this I used PayPal to send the enterprise $1 to

“maintain my region in line.” They stated I’d even get the dollar lower back so I said adequate, not

even worrying approximately the dollar.

Three weeks later the 5,000 subscriber mailing went out, and I got a paltry 115

human beings to expose up on my very intently focused internet site. Naturally I wasn’t going

to sign up for a larger bundle, so I didn’t touch them again, no longer being concerned about

the fate of my $1.

I received’t make that mistake again! Apparently their first-class print said that the $1 become a

“down payment” for the larger solo advert later, and if I took no action inside 30

days, my default package deal became the $89 Solo Ad to their one hundred fifty,000 fashionable

subscriber list! My PayPal account became charged $88 a month later and I had no

clue what it was for!

Getting out of these kinds of situations, specifically while dealing with agencies

that don’t have a smartphone wide variety, is just no longer really worth everybody’s time. Making this

technique paintings calls for a whole lot of looking and a thick pores and skin in opposition to hassles.

If you need to try your success, however, truly google the phrases “Free eZine

mailing” or “Free eZine Ad Blast.” You’ve been warned though. It’s a tough avenue.

If you are determined to use eZines for advertising and marketing (there are many blessings,

together with validated, focused spenders) then I recommend procuring it. At least we now

have a completely beneficial provider referred to as Amigo that lets you pay in keeping with clickthrough, so

your ad price range is in no way wasted and may be monitored intently.

See “Safelists” and “Blasting” for greater on this problem.


FFAs or “Free For All” listings

Almost continually a complete waste of time, FFAs definitely let you

submit your Ad in either a categorized layout or as a link in a hyperlink

directory. Search Engines keep away from those places just like the

plague and being discovered in them can absolutely HURT your Search Engine

rankings! Almost constantly, those listings do more harm than appropriate. Beware!

Also see “Classified Ads.”

Forum Marketing – (A Subset of Link Building)

There are endless Forums on line nowadays for all possible

niches. (And if you can’t locate one to your niche, Eureka!

You’ve hit the jackpot! Start the primary forum there and it’s like

inheriting an oil nicely.) Identifying all the famous boards in your marketplace or area of interest is

a completely essential aspect that each one entrepreneurs need to do for any on-line advertising and marketing

marketing campaign. For the sincerely huge, energetic boards with over 500,000 posts, truly move

look for them with the aid of your keywords at http://www.Large-boards.Com.

Finding smaller boards is a bit trickier. Since there are many different software

packages that forums are primarily based on, there’s no one properly search command to

discover them all, except for adding the phrase “discussion board” to your seek question. Try

googling each of your pinnacle five key-word phrases, in fees, with the word forum

slapped on the end, out of doors of the quotes.

Once you’ve determined them, the huge question will become the way you marketplace to them

without turning into a “spammer.” You will rarely find a discussion board, unless it’s strictly a

“marketers’ discussion board” that permits you to post a blatant ad internal of them without it

being deleted.

What you’ve were given to do is network a bit. Answer any questions you have got the

solution to first to accumulate a presence for your self.

However, what you are surely searching out on a forum is a query that someone

else asks that leaves room so that it will answer, with your business being a part of

the answer.

So in case you sell sprockets, and also you find a wonderful engineering forum, starting a new

thread about your first-rate sprockets or even supplying data about how a wonderful

new sprocket line should remedy many of their engineering issues will quickly be

deleted, and it might even get your complete account booted!

On the alternative hand, in case you take a quite passive position on ALL the Engineering

forums, and look ahead to someone to invite about a sprocket-related problem, you’ll be the

hero, not a spammer, for imparting your educated advice.

The ethical of this tale is to simplest market on forums while it’s part of a strategy to

someone else’s question. In the ones situations, you may market as plenty as you

want, and the final results is a lasting hyperlink in your internet site tied to both call

popularity & knowledge.

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