eBay Partner Network: Is eBay’s Affiliate Program Right for You?

eBay Partner Network: Is eBay’s Affiliate Program Right for You?

eBay Partner Network: Is eBay’s Affiliate Program Right for You?

Your blog is up and strolling. You’re equipped to earn money and the eBay Partner Network (EPN) sounds intriguing.

But, you don’t pretty recognize what EPN is all about.

How does it fluctuate from all the other associate networks out there for associate marketers? You want extra statistics. More info.

You’re searching out something that answers:

What exactly is eBay’s affiliate application?

How is eBay Partner Network one of a kind from other associate programs?

How do eBay associates make money?

And, subsequently, how do you be a part of?

This post will answer those questions and extra.

By the end, you’ll understand the eBay Partner Network back and forth. And you’ll recognize how you could sell affiliate merchandise on eBay — fast.

So, let’s get to it — beginning with a touch Q&A.

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eBay Partner Network (EPN) Q&A

What is an eBay Affiliate?

As you probably understand, eBay Inc. Is a long-standing e-commerce business enterprise that brings together consumers and sellers from around the world. They’re well-known for their public sale-style sales model.

But did eBay.Com sells thousands and thousands of products at set costs? That became information to me too.

So, to help promote their slew of merchandise, an eBay affiliate application become released in 2008 — eBay Partner Network (EPN).

Note: eBay calls their associates “publishers.”

A publisher may be every body who has an target market they can sell products to on-line. (There are a few regulations, but we’ll get to the ones in a chunk.)

If you’ve got a blog, a website, an email listing, a social media channel such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, or Twitter — you, too, may be a writer.

How is the eBay Affiliate Program Different Than Other Affiliate Programs?

Most associate packages are fairly comparable. EBay Partner Network has some minor differences:

EPN has a low joining threshold. And they welcome learners. So even in case your weblog is new and you’re getting little-to-no first-class visitors from Google, you can be a part of. And the joining technique is superb simple.

EPN’s payout threshold is low. They pay commissions once a month for accounts which have earned more than ten units in their home foreign money ($10, 10 euros, and so on). (In contrast, Amazon’s payout threshold is $a hundred).

EPN can pay your commission thru PayPal or direct deposit (if your united states of america helps this).

Like Amazon, eBay is ginormous. They offer Best Price Guarantee. And they provide unfastened shipping on many products. But, unlike Amazon, customers don’t pay a club price for premium services. This method, with eBay Partner Network, you’ll never run out of items to promote and your followers can consider they’re getting the quality deals via you — frequently with unfastened top class offerings.

Finally, eBay has been round due to the fact 1995 and is still going sturdy. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives eBay an A+ score. If you’re seeking out a protracted-term affiliate advertising program partnership with proper consumer enjoy and outstanding site visitors, eBay’s Partner Network is subsidized by a strong and developing corporation.

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How do eBay Affiliates Make Money?

After joining the eBay Partner Network, a writer follows a easy 3-step process:

Find a product (or products) on eBay which you like and agree with to sell.

Create a traceable affiliate hyperlink the use of one in all EPN’s clean-to-use gear.

Share the traceable EPN associate hyperlinks on your weblog, website, social media channels, e mail campaigns, etc.

Now, while one among your fans (aka “consumer”) clicks at the link, the consumer is directed to the eBay listings.

When he makes a qualifying transaction, eBay tracks the sale returned in your associate hyperlink thru a “cookie.”

You then earn a percentage of eBay’s sales. In different phrases, EPN will pay you part of what eBay made at the sale.

Congratulations! You just obtained a commission!

How do eBay Publishers Get Paid?

EPN can pay you on your us of a of residence’s foreign money (greenbacks, euros, and so on).

You can choose whether or not to have them pay to a demonstrated PayPal account or to direct deposit (in case your u . S . Of residence helps it).

And, you receives a commission every month — so long as you meet the $10 minimum.

What is a Qualifying Transaction?

A transaction qualifies for a commission in 1 of two methods:

Your client makes a buy within 24 hours of clicking your link for a “Buy It Now” item, or

Your shopper bids on an “Auction” item within 24 hours of clicking your link after which wins that public sale inside 10 days.

In short, the EPN “cookie window” is 24 hours. Your shopper needs to either buy or bid on an item after clicking for your hyperlink earlier than that cookie window expires.

But be aware. According to EPN:

“A browser cookie is most effective tracked within the unique browser, so if the user opens a distinctive browser and completes an motion, it’s going to now not be tracked.”

What Percentage Does eBay Take?

Publishers earn among 50%-70% of what eBay makes on the product sale — depending on the class of the item. The Rate Card shows the category stage commissions:

eBay doesn’t earn tons on certain categories and gadgets — such as gift playing cards, gadgets bought through charities, and special promotional deals. That approach you gained’t be creating wealth on those merchandise both.

But right here’s a few properly information.

You can earn bonus cash while both a new customer or a “reactivated consumer” (someone who hasn’t made a purchase on eBay within the beyond one year) makes a buy through your affiliate link. The bonus equals a hundred% of your base profits on qualifying transactions.

To make it crystal clean, let’s go through an instance:

You inform all of us about a terrific lawn product on eBay and offer an affiliate hyperlink to your blog.

A client clicks to your EPN affiliate link and buys the product inside 24 hours for $one hundred.

Say eBay earns $10 at the sale (their revenue). EBay Partner Network then will pay you a percent of that revenue.

Reviewing the fee rates at the Rate Card:

Home & Garden products earn a 60% commission on qualifying transactions.

60% x $10 = $6 — that’s what you earn at the sale.

If your consumer is a new or reactivated client, you earn a further one hundred% of your $6 — or some other $6.

6 + 6 = $12, your overall income at the garden product sale.

Ka-ching! Thanks to your new customer, you have got double commissions.

What are the Signup Requirements for eBay Partner Network?

EPN signup necessities are quite primary:

You need with the intention to shape legally-binding contracts (this means that you should be at the least 18 years old.)

You need to have an eBay account in accurate status.

Live in a rustic wherein fee thru PayPal or Direct Deposit is allowed.

You want to have an internet platform that doesn’t function “adult, illegal, or constrained” content.

And, as I stated earlier than, EPN has a low becoming a member of threshold. Unlike different affiliate networks, platform site visitors isn’t always a criterion for joining.

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How Do I Join the eBay Partner Network?

Joining the eBay affiliate application is splendid easy.

First, make certain you have got an eBay account. If you don’t, go to eBay, click “sign up” within the upper left hand nook of the web page, and create an account.

You can select between a private account or a business account:

Once you have an eBay account installation, scroll to the lowest of eBay’s home page and click on “Affiliates”:

Click on one of the “Sign Up Now” buttons and fill on your information:

After attractiveness of the eBay Partner Network Agreement, you’ll be typical into EPN nearly at once.

Log in to eBay Partner Network account and also you need to see a Welcome page.

Click at the “Account” tab to peer the drop-down menu.

Now fill in the relaxation of your records — your deal with, fee (PayPal or direct deposit), and tax data (you’ll need your social security variety or enterprise ID quantity):

If you need, take a look at the dashboard for some proper facts on affiliate marketing and EPN.

And that’s it! You’re all set up.

Now allow’s pressure site visitors to eBay and earn money!

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How to Make Money with the eBay Affiliate Program

Okay, we’re down to the nitty-gritty. How do you earn cash with EPN?

Never Leave Without a Trace: Campaigns and Campaign IDs

You can’t earn money if the merchant can’t music you.

So, to begin, you want a campaign. EPN will begin a default campaign for you while you first be part of. You can find it underneath the Campaign tab on the Welcome page:

What’s a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is “a group” with a completely unique 10-digit identifier that’s embedded into your associate link (the hyperlink that factors traffic to the service provider; in this situation, eBay).

Each marketing campaign can have its personal identifier, which EPN calls the Campaign ID.

Here’s an instance of an EPN associate hyperlink and the embedded Campaign ID:

This Campaign ID will become attached to products in your marketing campaign and helps with tracking and analytics. It also allows you to split and control your visitors.

You can create specific campaigns for distinct functions.

For example, you can use separate campaigns for different product classes.

Or, you might need to apply separate campaigns to tune conversion fees on different parts of your internet site.

However you operate them, a Campaign ID is mandatory for all EPN associate hyperlinks a good way to music income lower back to you.

Note: To ensure you get hold of credit on your sales, eBay Partner Network recommends:

“… you continually get your EPN hyperlink from a device furnished by means of EPN, along with the Link Generator tool, or the Bookmarklet tool. We cannot assure tracking if the hyperlink has been changed.”

eBay Affiliate Program: Easy set-up. Fast Earnings.

Okay, you’ve installation a campaign. Now what?

Well, you have to discover some thing you need to promote and generate a traceable EPN affiliate link.

One of the very best methods to arise and going for walks rapid is through promotable links. You can use the Copy & Paste approach or BookMarklets. They’re each awesome simple.

Copy & Paste

You’ll locate it on your Dashboard page:

So, allow’s walk through it:

First, discover a product on eBay you need to promote. I searched beneath “Garden” and found a decorative garden wagon:

Next, open the URL and replica the cope with:

Fill out the Copy & Paste shape (for your EPN dashboard).

Choose your campaign.

Paste the eBay product URL in the precise vicinity.

Click “Create.”

Your promotable EPN link will pop up in your screen:

Copy and paste the specific EPN hyperlink onto your blog, website, social media platform, e mail, and so forth. The traceable EPN affiliate hyperlink and photograph ought to seem.


Another quick and easy manner to generate trackable affiliate hyperlinks to power site visitors to eBay is through Bookmarklets. You can create those in more than one approaches.

First, out of your Dashboard page:

Choose your marketing campaign.

Then drag the icon in your toolbar. (Remember, this icon is unique to handiest one marketing campaign. When the icon fixes to your toolbar, it changes to the marketing campaign name.)

Now, whilst you’re browsing eBay, if you discover an object you want to sell underneath this campaign, click on the Bookmarklet to your toolbar.

An EPN associate link will generate and pop-up onto your display screen.

Copy this associate hyperlink and percentage it along with your target market.

A 2nd way to create a Bookmarklet is out of your Campaign page:

Click on the bookmark related to the marketing campaign you want.

A pop-up will appear telling you to tug the link on your toolbar.

Drag the link after which click on “Done.”

Once in your toolbar, the Bookmarklet acts as described above — simply click on on it whilst you come upon an eBay product you need to sell.

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eBay Partner Network: Quick to Start. Easy to Do.

So now you already know what EPN is all approximately.

You’ve taken a deep dive. You’ve had your questions spoke back. And you’ve visible how the eBay Partner Network stacks up in opposition to Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, and other associate networks.

Is EPN the proper affiliate program for you? If it is, it’s time to get began.

It’s time to get your blog running for you.

It’s time to earn some money.

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