8 Freelance Writing Job Boards to Find Great Writing Gigs

8 Freelance Writing Job Boards to Find Great Writing Gigs

8 Freelance Writing Job Boards to Find Great Writing Gigs

Fed up along with your contemporary freelance writing job boards?

You pitch and recommend till your fingers pass numb, and what do you get?

A cursor blinking in your screen, no action to your inbox, and…


This post turned into written to rescue you from pulling out your hair in total frustration.

Read on for reviews and strong data on places to locate fantastic freelance gigs that absolutely have actual clients paying actual cash.

Yup, they do exist!

8 Great Job Boards for Freelance Writers

Can you are making a residing with freelance writing?


But looking for faraway writing jobs on-line can experience like shooting arrows inside the dark — firing off pitches and hoping they hit the mark.

It doesn’t have to be this manner.

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Save your self time and frustration by using skirting beyond the content material turbines (eww). Instead, awareness on the task forums discussed underneath.

With a little digging, even beginners can discover plenty of possibilities.

1. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is an old favored for many freelance writers.

Started by expert blogger Darren Rowser, this freelance job board has masses of worth postings.

You’ll still need to sift through pretty a few postings to discover jobs that are a good healthy, however typical it’s a beneficial aid.

Stand-Out Features

With approximately 20 or greater jobs published per week and often updated, there are masses of activity possibilities.

You can now look for writing gigs using key phrases like running a blog, freelance author, copywriter, search engine marketing content material author, journalism jobs, etc.

The web site has various unfastened and paid resources to help you improve your abilities, together with ebooks, courses, weblog posts, and a podcast.

Cost: Free

2. Mediabistro

Another oldie but a goodie, Mediabistro is a freelance writing job board with paid writing jobs from businesses which might be (generally) able to pay a truthful price for newbie and mid-variety writers.

It’s a beneficial task web site for locating media jobs, diverse resources, and for searching for writing paintings by vicinity. If you sign up for his or her club, you get even extra help in the form of resume services, pitching pointers, courses, and networking assist.

Stand-Out Features

More than 212 process posts delivered weekly in diverse niches provide you with an in depth kind of writing opportunities to pitch.

Free mini-courses on topics along with studying Facebook commercials, social media traits and taking part with different influencers assist you to extend your capabilities and earning potential.

Simple and crystal-clear navigation makes it smooth to find jobs that healthy the area of interest you’ve selected in your writing career.

Cost: Free

3. BloggingPro

If you want a freelance writing web site with carefully filtered task postings, BloggingPro is the place to head.

You can find a variety of freelance copywriting, content material writing, and journalism jobs here. Some are part-time, while others are complete-time opportunities, and maximum are appropriate for far off paintings.

Job listings on BloggingPro are full of information regarding what employers are seeking out, so that you can see exactly which jobs suit you best.

Contact details or links to application paperwork are included at the bottom of every post.

Stand-Out Features

Each job posting is evaluated, and listings from employers with terrible opinions are eliminated.

Most writing gigs display the fee you may be paid.

Features sources, ebooks, courses and pointers for WordPress users, new bloggers, and newbie freelance writers that will help you develop your writing career.

Cost: Free

four. Craigslist

Don’t neglect about Craigslist.

There are some suitable writing jobs available on this activity board in case you know the way to appearance cautiously. Just make certain you don’t take on a writing gig that pays peanuts.

Look for job listings that are distinct concerning expectations, necessities, and pay prices. Then do your homework on that agency as well. If you notice the phrase “publicity” everywhere, run! It way that the business enterprise will ask you to jot down totally free, promising you some publicity (offering to promote your paintings) which usually way you get not anything similarly out of it.

Don’t spend it slow and brainpower on writing content material with the intention to no longer be valued or reputable by an organisation. Even as a beginner freelancer, you deserve fair compensation in your time and effort.

You can search for task listings regionally in addition to in another metropolis you choose, screening the opportunities that allow for far off work.

Stand-Out Features

Good freelance work opportunities are there if you take a chunk of time to appearance throughout multiple places.

Cost: Free

5. Upwork

Some freelancers love Upwork. Others hate it.

There’s been a longstanding trend of poorly-paying paintings on this freelance market, however there are a few respectable writing jobs too.

Skip the posts asking you to jot down without cost or nearly unfastened. Filter the listings by way of key phrases and search for fantastic opinions at the employers earlier than submitting a suggestion or writing pattern.

Stand-Out Features

A large quantity of writing possibilities are posted every week.

If you continuously supply remarkable paintings, you could subsequently be part of their Top Rated Program and appeal to even greater and better-paying customers.

It’s an amazing place for novices to start getting writing paintings.

Cost: Free to sign up for an account.

A word approximately Upwork’s carrier charges: Upwork takes a percent of your earnings on the platform. It is carried out on a sliding scale consistent with how plenty you are making from every client over the timespan of your account. This applies to both hourly and stuck-fee writing jobs. Click here for more records on how this works.

6. Flexjobs

If you sense like you’re becoming a activity board jumper and could opt to simplest attention on some great ones, you may’t go wrong with Flexjobs.

It will cost a few money, however the funding will be really worth it. You received’t spend nearly as many hours sifting thru crummy activity postings to find true ones.

Flexjobs is ad-unfastened and pretty curated via real people who care about your next freelance, part-time, or full-time writing possibility.

With approximately 200 or extra strong process listings introduced weekly, you’re bound to find something speedy.

Stand-Out Features

This freelance writing job board is advert-loose, scam-unfastened, and distinctly curated, so maximum of the process postings you’ll see are authentic writing jobs.

Find first rate-paying jobs to apply for in far much less time than different famous free boards.

The one of a kind pricing alternatives assist you to decide how lengthy you need get admission to to the task board, that is beneficial in case you handiest need to live on it till you get hired for the proper full-time writing opportunity.

Cost: $6.95 for every week / $14.95 per month / $29 for 3 months

7. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is a contract website that filters writing opportunities and activity postings from other activity forums like Indeed, Freelance Job Openings.Com, Freelance Blogging Jobs, Ed2010, Craigslist, Mediabistro, and BloggingPro.

You can filter the roles you’re seeking out through process source (which include these other boards), by way of skill along with copywriting, journalism, content material writing, content material advertising, social media writing, or with the aid of place.

Stand-Out Features

This process board capabilities useful freelance writing resources and submission suggestions for hundreds of different publications.

It includes a freelance writing contest segment wherein you can publish your writing and win!

There are multiple ways to slender down your process search and save time.

Most of the freelance writing jobs on this board pay moderately nicely.

Cost: Free

eight. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more of a expert networking platform than a task board, but you could filter your seek to look for freelancing possibilities.

The advantage of the use of LinkedIn to do that is that your application regularly is going without delay to the hiring company, and it’s easier to get in contact with them.

You also can filter your seek through skill, place, and type of agreement (freelance, full-time, component-time, transient).

When you fill out your profile and optimize it closer to the possibilities you’re looking for, it makes it even less complicated for agencies to discover you.

Also, because it’s a social media platform, you may exhibit your writing competencies through sharing brief posts or longer articles on LinkedIn.

Stand-Out Features

LinkedIn is a social media platform that combines your expert profile, organization profiles, content posting, and task looking.

There are various beneficial and free resources on the platform to help you extend your understanding and abilties.

LinkedIn also has a paid membership that prioritizes your job packages and makes it less complicated to see what organizations are looking for you.

Cost: Free

Membership fee: For profession opportunities, the paid club is $29.Ninety nine in line with month after a free trial of 30 days.

Good Freelance Writing Job Boards Are Out There

There are lots of on-line writing activity possibilities accessible. It’s only a count of locating the proper ones.

Keep pitching and writing, and also you’ll improve as you go.

The key’s to get a chunk of momentum.

From there, you can start getting testimonials, referrals, and more work!

You can construct a proper freelance writing career that can pay the payments, brings you pride, and offers you the freedom to pick out what you need to work on, with whom, when, and how you’ll deliver your an awful lot-wanted talents.

The best question that remains is: what number of pitches will you ship these days?

Best of success!

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