6 Writing Motivation Tips That Work (Even if You’re Busy)

6 Writing Motivation Tips That Work (Even if You’re Busy)

Feeling low on writing motivation? All you want is the right toolkit. Here are six recommendations that’ll exchange your writing game all the time.

You have plenty of thoughts you want to percentage with the sector, however…

The motivation to sit down down and write just isn’t there.

You open your computer with extraordinary intentions, however come to be getting trapped by means of your Instagram feed.

Maybe you even begin writing — but ten mins later succumb to an uncontrollable urge to rise up and arrange your spice rack.

Or perhaps you’re just worn-out. And who can blame you? You have so much happening on your existence that when you get domestic from work all you want is your couch and your Netflix — now not greater work.

Therefore, you could’t help but surprise:

How do other bloggers and writers locate enough motivation to write each day and finish writing complete articles and books?

Here’s the reality you don’t listen that often:

Writing Motivation Doesn’t Just Happen: You Have To Go Get It

Most a hit freelance writers and bloggers have busy lives too.

Surprising as it may seem, in addition they warfare with tiredness, procrastination, and lack of writing motivation. No remember how a success you become, you’ll continually have days whilst you feel uninspired, overcome with imposter syndrome, or whilst even looking the grass develop will appear more a laugh than writing.

So… what’s the name of the game?

It’s easy:

You can’t simply rely on writing motivation to magically appear — you need to understand a way to create it.

The correct information is, that is regularly easier than you believe you studied.

6 Hacks to Help You Regain Your Writing Motivation

Imagine which you’re constructing a brand new shelf. If you realise you have got the incorrect screwdriver for the ones screws, do you sit down in misery and wish the hassle will remedy itself?

Of route now not. You possibly wouldn’t waste hours seeking to pressure the screwdriver until it fits, both.

No, you will visit the shop and both purchase new screws, or a new screwdriver (or if you’re lazy like me, undergo all of your kitchen knives and notice if any does the trick).

The identical happens with writing: while you sense caught, you simply need to find the right tool to be able to get you unstuck. And very frequently, if you hit the nail within the head (pun meant), you’ll be again into a waft in a matter of minutes.

Here are six very simple guidelines and attitude tweaks that have now not handiest helped me regain writing motivation in my toughest moments, but also allowed me to create my fine paintings ever.

1. Find Your Why, Then Stick With a How

For the first few months after I started my weblog, I felt misplaced and unmotivated.

I stored analyzing articles approximately writing and running a blog and trying special techniques some days at a time, until I realized I changed into seeing no consequences.

It became irritating.

Eventually, tired of transferring and indecision, I decided to put money into a running a blog route — and the entirety modified. Sure, I could likely locate all the recommendation I desired online; but committing to at least one technique and following it thru to the cease helped me get rid of all my doubts, stress, and selection stress, and consequently my thoughts become subsequently free to be innovative.

However, having a approach isn’t enough.

Yes, taking that route has led me to broaden my voice, write loads of articles, get hundreds of subscribers, and sell my first on line route. Without it, I wouldn’t be in which I am.

But the reality is, despite technically knowing the direction, I nonetheless lose motivation now and again. I nonetheless get tired, busy, and glued, and I nevertheless have bad days. In the ones moments, what continues me going is understanding my reason as a writer: to touch, inspire, and share expertise as a way to assist my readers come to be the great version of themselves.

To me, constructing a solid basis of writing motivation takes steps:

Ask yourself why you want to write down

What’s the alternate you need to make for your readers? How will writing improve your existence? How will it fulfill you? What’s the dream so as to gas your motivation in this adventure?

Writer Benjamin Hardy created a journaling exercising wherein you identify some thing you need, and then you ask your self “What approximately __________ is important to me?” sufficient times until you get to the “private why” in the back of it.

Here’s an example:

[Thing I want:] Writing.[Question:] What approximately writing is important to me?[Thing I want:] Expressing myself.[Question:] What approximately expressing myself is crucial to me?[Thing I want:] Sharing my reviews with others.[Question:] What approximately sharing my stories with others is vital to me?[Thing I want:] Making humans sense seen and understood.[Question:] What approximately making people feel visible and understood is vital to me?[Thing I want:] Bringing attention to our shared humanity and making the arena a better, kinder location.

Whether your dream is self-publishing a bestseller on Amazon or beginning a blog to aid people with breast most cancers, set writing goals that imply some thing to you, after which…

Find a approach that lets in you to meet your why

Exploring distinctive alternatives and gaining knowledge of from exceptional assets is useful when you begin, but if you want to peer real results, sooner or later you’ll have to select one strategy and stick with it. Therefore, find a direction, a program, or a technique, and follow it via to the give up.

It doesn’t rely if it’s the pleasant one accessible — what subjects is that it will do away with strain and selection fatigue, and also you’ll live at one aspect for lengthy enough till it starts offevolved running.

Key takeaways:

Ask your self why you want to write down (use the “inner most why” exercising that will help you);

Find a approach that lets in you to fulfill your why and stick it with out getting derailed.

2. Spice It Up

Sometimes, no matter how positive we are approximately our reason and approach, we will nevertheless face most writers’ worst enemy:

Writer’s block.

When I get stuck with a hard article, it can be hell to make myself go again to work the next day.

There’s nothing more demotivating than believing that you’ll by no means be capable of write anything correct once more, which you’re a fraud and all of your ideas suck.

It become Anne Lamott’s mind-moving attitude on author’s block that modified it all in favour of me:

“I now not think about it as block. I think this is searching at the problem from the incorrect attitude. If your wife locks you out of the residence, you don’t have a problem together with your door. The phrase block suggests that you are constipated or caught, while the truth is which you’re empty.” — Anne Lammot in Bird By Bird: Instructions On Writing And Life

Next time you sense out of thoughts or can’t remedy a trouble, try to fill that emptiness with something clean via spicing up your writing habitual.

For example, I often struggle with getting my brain going first element in the morning. Therefore, in preference to starting with my maximum essential paintings, I often start the day by using replying to emails from subscribers. This eliminates the strain to be best and makes me confident that I can kind some thing that doesn’t totally suck.

Here are some thoughts you can use:

If you write nonfiction articles for a dwelling, spice it up with a few innovative writing sporting events;

If you’re working on a protracted novel, take a wreck to work for your metaphor skills;

If you normally kind on your laptop, snatch a magazine or fill a stack of be aware playing cards with ideas rather;

If you work at home, spend the day writing at a coffee shop;

If you’re used to analyzing books and articles for writing idea, strive being attentive to a writing podcast, watching a movie, or going to an art exhibition instead;

If you’ve been stuck for hours and nothing comes out, take a wreck.

Key takeaway:

When dealing with creator’s block, clean up your writing recurring with some new elements.

3. Take It One Step At a Time

One of the maximum commonplace methods to lose your writing motivation is by way of setting big desires in a moment of optimism after which come to be feeling crushed.

I lately set myself a goal to put in writing 50 visitor posts in the area of two months.

Most of my creator buddies tell me I’m loopy. Some days I agree, and I can feel my coronary heart skipping a beat at the thought of the venture beforehand of me.

But there is one thing that continues me sane:

Focusing on the following small step.

After a few thinking and planning, I decided that step one in the direction of writing 50 visitor posts turned into to put in writing three headlines a day until I had a list of fifty. So I just targeted on that first step and chose now not to fear approximately the rest until the proper time got here.

“Write three headlines” is not as horrifying as “start writing 50 visitor posts.”

As I noticed my progress, my motivation stored developing. To make sure I saved at it, I tracked my development in my magazine. Then, I regularly added more complicated goals:

Reading 5 blog posts a day,

Writing for 3 hours in the morning,

Sending one pitch in line with day,

Keeping track of my word count number,


The secret is to build up step by step: begin definitely easy, construct consistency, allow that fuel your self assurance, after which keep setting one foot in the front of the opposite.

Key takeaways:

Set a clean purpose (bonus: write it down in which you could see it every day);

Define the steps you want to take to get there;

Focus on one step at a time.

4. Big Problems First

Before I started running on my 50 visitor posts aim, I became writing on average one article each weeks. Now, I must steadily increase to 2 in line with day.

The amount of writing time I even have to be had hasn’t modified — consequently, the handiest alternative changed into to jot down quicker.

In her e book 2,000 to ten,000, Rachel Aaron explained how she extended her writing velocity to 10,000 phrases in a single day by means of spending five mins earlier than every writing consultation finding out what she could be writing about and scribbling it on a chunk of paper.

“I didn’t describe whatever, I didn’t do transitions or dialog, I wasn’t writing, I changed into virtually noting down what I could write while the time came,” she explains.

As it’s been established that our brains are at their most innovative first issue in the morning, I implemented Aaron’s wonderful writing tip and started outlining my articles in my magazine earlier than breakfast.

Let me tell you this: by no means before has a fifteen-minute writing tip made me so clean-headed and stimulated to begin my writing day. Not handiest has this eliminated quite a few my resistance to begin writing, but it also extended my writing speed from 500 to up to one,500 phrases in line with hour.

Nothing will motivate you more than knowing exactly what you’ll be writing about earlier than you start writing it — after that, all you need to do is type it.

Key takeaway:

Spend five mins before every writing consultation thinking about what you’re going to write; this could make it less difficult to get you started out.

5. Create Your Focus Vortex

It’s time to deal with the elephant in the room:

How do you fight the procrastination that continues you from writing?

The trap of simply every other YouTube video, the popping notification, the inviting weather out of doors…

Distractions may be one of the main culprits in retaining you from writing.

In an interview with Tim Ferris, Neil Gaiman shared his writing motivation secret that continues him from procrastinating. It goes like this:

In order to make himself write, he takes his notepad to his cabin inside the garden where there is in reality nothing to do. There, he offers himself two alternatives: he can either write, or do nothing in any respect. Eventually, doing nothing turns into too dull, and writing becomes the maximum attractive alternative.

I don’t have a cabin (or a lawn, for that count number), however I actually have earphones: when I need to consciousness, I put on a few track, and I stick a post-it to my laptop letting people understand that I’m in my focus vortex and I can’t be disturbed.

The result? Reducing distractions is a outstanding motivator: not only do I gain extra in less time, but I have a great deal greater amusing in the manner.

Key takeaway:

Create a writing environment that is freed from distractions and encourages recognition.

6. Fuel Your Mind

Productivity and motivation require an energized thoughts. Having an energized mind calls for an energized frame.

Do you spot what I’m getting at? This would possibly appear out of area, however it’s possibly the maximum important object in this listing: in case you want to stay prompted, you want to gas your frame and your mind with the proper ingredients, everyday motion, and provoking meals for idea.

When I started noticing how in detail my fitness and properly-being have been linked to my productiveness and writing motivation, I steadily started out tweaking my habits and habitual to optimize my innovative electricity.

Here are some changes I made:

Whenever I experience worn-out and unmotivated, instead of consuming espresso or stressing out, I drink a pitcher of water and do a sun salutation — it really works like magic!

As I’m greater productive in the morning, I began waking up at five:30 each day and spend around an hour writing on my journal to liberate new ideas and brainstorm troubles;

Every day after breakfast I take a stroll with my accomplice where we speak thoughts for our weblog, which continues us healthy and allows us to give you our great thoughts.

I’m not telling you to do the same matters as me; all I’m saying is that there is a connection among body and mind.

So get up from the sofa, roll your shoulders returned, drink a tall glass of orange juice, and take a stroll around your community whilst you pay attention to your preferred motivational speaker.

Key takeaway:

Fuel your mind and frame with correct foods, physical movement, and intellectually nourishing activities.

Reignite Your Writing Motivation

Whether you feel lazy, unmotivated to put in writing, going through writer’s block, or truely caught in a procrastination entire, the problem is not you: all you need is to discover the right tool to get you unstuck.

Therefore, after you end analyzing this article, don’t get trapped in a self-commiseration loop; instead, choose one of the steps above and decide to giving it a strive these days.

And who knows — your satisfactory paintings might be simply around the corner.

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