48 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

48 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

You’ve watched artists, performers and writers like Hugh McLeod, Amanda Palmer, Chase Jarvis, and Jeff Goins promote boatloads of innovative paintings thanks to the systems they’ve constructed from their blogs.

You tinker together with your personal innovative initiatives and wonder if you could start a weblog to promote them too.

But in spite of all of the blogging recommendation accessible, you feel that running a blog for artwork is specific.

You understand you don’t need to be spammy, but don’t have any idea the way to use a weblog to make cash via selling the ones musical compositions, display tickets, quick horror testimonies, own family paintings with Fido, or home made grandfather clocks.

The one aspect artists want to achieve success nowadays

The Internet has became promoting creative work on its head.

No longer are you able to actually get appropriate at your craft after which find someone to champion you, manipulate you, or sponsor you.

Want a publishing deal? You better have built a solid fan base on your paintings first.

Want a hazard at a record deal or maybe just make a first rate aspect profits from your paintings? You’ll want an engaged audience and exact-sized listing.

For today’s artist, constructing a tribe is non-negotiable.

But how?

It’s now not about schlepping your artwork or begging for attention

Like a first date, you want something extra to speak approximately aside from just your work.

People connect to people. Your blog is the area in which you provide lovers not best the emotional experience that attracted them to you within the first region, but also methods to get to recognise you as someone and artist.

Your target audience expects to see a one of a kind aspect of you on your blog.

Your job is to locate these hooks – the things that your human beings are most curious approximately. Perhaps what lens you used in a photo or what stimulated you to jot down that music. Or hilarious personal testimonies from your travels. Or special cloth not available to the general public.

And in view that artists analyze from each different, you can help others via coaching what you realize.

But the secret is to get enthusiasts, customers, and clients interacting with you on many degrees.

Let them get to know you and what matters to you.

Let them into your world as an artist.

What works for artists in the real world?

The idea’s excellent. But how does this work in real existence? How do artists succeed online?

The trouble with concept – creative humans are so numerous of their skills and hobbies that seeing how this recommendation applies to your very own state of affairs is hard.

What works for a musician won’t work for a painter. What delights the fans of a author might be a whole flip-off for the fans of a filmmaker.

Even creative people inside the equal discipline may want to narrate to their audiences in distinct ways.

But permit’s say you do have some concrete thoughts for your personal innovative weblog; how do if they will work in practice?

What you need is some assist from artists who’ve already blazed a trail and located what actually works.

Because some of those thoughts would possibly work for you too.

So check out the subsequent listing of awesome role fashions for heaps of ideas.

And don’t simply keep on with your very own subject – go-pollinate and discover thoughts from other disciplines.

After all, incredible artists draw their affects from many locations and also you by no means realize in which your subsequent killer concept will come from.

48 Creative Blogs You Can Shamelessly Plunder for Inspiration

1. Hugh MacLeod – The poster boy of blogging success for artists

Hugh McLeod

If you haven’t picked up Hugh’s books yet, do so sooner rather than later. He’s got great insight for all creative types. If you don’t mind straight talk, learn why most artists’ blogs fail.

2. Austin Kleon – “A writer who draws” and is engaging, inspiring, and funny

Austin Kleon

Austin speaks regularly on creativity and has been featured at SXSW, TEDx, Google, Pixar, and The Economist.

3. Michael Nobbs – Writer and artist with a passion for consistent and sustainable creativity

Michael Nobbs

Like others on this list, you’ll see Michael’s work in many formats, including courses, books, an online forum, and podcasts as well as his blog.

4. Amy Ng – Illustrator and blogger with inspiration, good business sense, and lots of smiles

Amy Ng

She is a prolific blogger and her personality definitely shines through in her writing. You can’t visit her site without feeling happy.

5. Abbey Ryan – Classic still life and trompe l’oeil artist who connects with a painting a day

Abbey Ryan

Her work is beautiful and her blog commentary centers around her experiences while creating each piece – stories about the objects she paints, what part of the world she’s in, and the people she paints with. She’s been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, and Seth Godin’s Linchpin.

6. Ed Terpening – Plein air painter with plain good advice and beautiful work

Ed Turpening

blog topics, including business, technique, styles, equipment, traveling and much more. Over the years, he’s been a musician, teacher, software engineer, high-tech manager, and Internet media executive.

His artistic career grew out of his desire to leave a legacy to the world that would be longer-lasting than his technical work could ever be. I’d say he’s succeeding, not only with getting his paintings out into the world, but also with his engaging and thought-provoking writing style.

7. Dan Duhrkoop – A painter with all the answers in a comprehensive knowledge base

Dan Duhrkoop

Empty Easel is a popular site that attracts over a quarter million page views each month.

8. Lisa Congdon – Colorful artist and illustrator at the Today Is Going to be Awesome blog.

Lisa Congdon

Her site is now filled with her cool artwork and illustrations, but she also features other artists’ work and throws in some relatable personal experiences, history, current events and how-to’s as well.

9. Lucy Chen – Figurative artist and visual storyteller committed to inspiring a full and expressive life

Lucy Chen

She explores cross-cultural tension and identity in her work, and aims to encourage all her readers to live expressive and creative lives through her blog.

10. Amanda Palmer – Social-savvy musician who masterminded a record $1.2 million Kickstarter campaign

Amanda Palmer

She’s spoken about her experiences at TED and has been interviewed and covered in the press countless times. Love her or hate her, she’s open about her strategies and values – which means we can all learn something from her.

11. Bob Baker – Consummate artist and all-around nice guy with infinite marketing ideas

Bob Baker

Bob uses several methods to get his messages out to the world – you’ll find traditional blog posts and YouTube videos as well as podcasts and all his many books – one of which was featured in the movie School of Rock with Jack Black.

12. Cari Cole – Musician who’s “been there, done that” and can get you there too

Cari Cole

Her writing is full of hard-won experience and practical, down-to-earth advice to help you achieve the same levels of success, whatever that means for you. Her always-positive, yet still no-nonsense approach is worth studying and emulating regardless of your field.

13. Joy Ike – Songstress who delivers grassroots marketing strategies with the voice of an angel

Joy Ike

Joy blogs at her artist’s site as well as at Grassrootsy. She is generous in sharing her experiences and opinions for her readers’ benefit and she’s not afraid to take a stand. You know what things Joy values in life and art and I like that about her.

14. Mark Hermann – Rock star storyteller who will help you find your voice and rock your story

Mark Hermann

Read this blog for stories that entertain and inspire, and for advice you can apply immediately to developing your own story and memorable brand.

15. Praverb The Wyse – MBA rapper blending solid research with street-wise advice

Praverb The Wyse

He puts his MBA background to great use with well-researched and thought-out posts, all written in an accessible style. He’s got amazing compilations of resources and connections for Do-It-Yourself musicians – especially rappers and hop-hop artists – including blogs, social media tips, and podcasts. His advice and analyses are spot-on and helpful. Nice guy and smart blogger who’s invested in his readers’ success.

16. FuNkwoRm – Music producer and hip-hop lover with featured artists, great industry insight and advice


17. Ari Herstand – Rocking the full-time indie music career dream and helping you do the same

Ari Herstand

18. Wil Wheaton – Blogging where no actor has gone before

Wil Wheaton

19. Josh Pais – Veteran actor who delivers creative rocket fuel, Ninja Turtle style

Josh Pais

20. Eliot Rausch – Filmmaker with a love for truth and storytelling

Eliot Rausch

21. Devin Henderson – Magician who gives you the keys to living your own magical life

Devin Henderson

22. Ted Greenberg – Emmy-winning comedian with side-splitting humor and New York taxi rides

Ted Greenberg

23. Matt Ruby – Standup comedian with a love for all things comedy related

Matt Ruby

24. Barry Kerollis – Bucking the trend in traditional ballet

Barry Kerollis

25. Sara Kubik – Irish dancer taking you behind the scenes of competition

Sara Kubik

26. Don Baarns – Ballroom dancer who fell into the unlikely role of teacher

Don Baarns

27. Jeff Goins – Writer with empowering, refreshing inspiration in a busy, noisy world

Jeff Goins

28. Hugh Howey – Self-published author who takes the Sci-Fi charts by storm

Hugh Howey

29. CJ Lyons – ER pediatric doctor turned award-winning, critically acclaimed author

CJ Lyons

30. Edward W. Robertson – Best-selling fantasy and science fiction self-publisher

Ed Robertson

31. Joanna Penn – IT consultant turned author sells over 75,000 copies of her novels

Joanna Penn

32. Johnny B. Truant – Writer whose humor, irreverence, and inspiration hits right between the eyes

Johnny B. Truant

33. David Wright – Self-publishing master of cliffhangers and audience building

David Wright

34. Sean Platt – Pioneer of self-published serialized fiction

Sean Platt

35. Chase Jarvis – Photographer and champion of creative entrepreneurship

Chase Jarvis

36. Maria Killam – Interior designer whose blog helped her build niche dominance

Maria Killam

37. Joe McNally – National Geographic master photographer blogs about decades of inspiration and experience

Joe McNally

38. Samantha Hahn – Lifelong artist shares lessons and thoughts on art, design, and style

Samantha Hahn

39. Jasmine Star – Globe-hopping wedding photographer engages audiences with her work and personal stories

Jasmine Star

40. Mark and Agnes Hage – Adventure photography from happy world wanderers

Mark and Agnes Hage

41. Karen Walrond – Photographer and writer who shines a light on the beauty in the world and in you

Karen Walrond

42. Daymond John – Pioneer of urban, hip-hop fashion and Shark Tank marketing master

Daymond John

43. Thomas Mahon – Savile Row tailor whose blog breathed new life into a traditional, close-knit industry

Thomas Mahon

44. Shannon Okey – Expert crafter with a passion for spreading her knowledge

Shannon Okey

45. Tilly Walnes – DIY Dressmaker demystifies sewing so you can create your own style

Tilly Walnes

46. David Airey – Internationally renowned design expert writes on the business and craft

David Airey

47. Tina Roth Eisenberg – Designer with an eye for projects that go viral

Tina Roth Eisenberg

48. Josh Spear – A world-traveling designer shares observations on all things life and design

Josh Spear

Now is the time to get your artwork out in the world

Blogging is revolutionizing the world of art, however many artists hesitate to begin a weblog because they don’t realize the way to approach it, don’t understand how to sell it, or clearly don’t apprehend what it could do for them.

And via failing to connect to a international audience, you can be condemning your creativity to a lifestyles in the shadows. Not to say falling similarly behind as Google increasingly rewards tremendous, sharable content material over search engine optimization acrobatics.

As those forty eight artists display, you may construct a following on line and use running a blog to:

enhance your public profile as an artist

set up yourself as an professional in your creative field

reach new fans, clients and customers

So you have no excuse now. Start building your platform as an artist.

These function fashions have shown it may be performed – and a way to do it.

Now is the time to sign up for the ranks of artists who are thriving on-line through blogging. Artists who decorate the lives of human beings all around the international with their work. And who aren’t afraid to make a terrific dwelling doing it.

So what are you anticipating?

Show us what you’ve got!

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